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Visiting Troops in WWI

From time to time various regiments visited Rushden, and their troops were billeted with townspeople.
Notes found in the newspapers will be assembled here.

Rushden Echo, Friday 26th October 1917, transcribed by Kay Collins

Pte. Chas. Cook (Queen-street, Rushden), of the R.A.M.C. staff, with the Egyptian Expeditionary Force, writing from Abbassia, Cairo, says: “I have not met many of the Rushden boys since I have been here, but I have met a good many of the Welsh and Hereford boys who were billeted with us in Rushden about two years ago, and they all speak highly of the hospitality they received in Rushden.”

In May 1915 the hall was used as a writing room for Soldiers.
Co-op Hall and drapery was built in 1903
Inside the Co-op Hall in 1908 - The hall was used for many functions, celebrations, for displays of Christmas goods, for trade shows, and by Co-op groups such as the education branch.

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