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Tyzown Boot Company

Little has been found about this family owned company but the fine picture below is the girls of the closing department. The company used the factory, that had first been used by William Green, in High Street South.

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Closing dpeartment of Tyzone Boot Company The factory where they worked
Girls of the Tyzown Boot Company's closing department.
Written on the back: (back) Nel Abbott, Lil Tye (Burfield), Mrs Green (Robinson),
Lil Idleberry (Mrs Law)
(front): Unknown, Miss Nichols, Mrs Woolard.
Factory in High Street South, built by William Green.
It has been used by several companies over
the years, including Tyzown. William Green built
a new factory in Cromwell Road in 1895.

An order form

It is thought that the girls of the closing department worked in this little workshop at the top end of Ebenezer Terrace in Newton Road.
The little workshop at the end of Ebenezer Terrace

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