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The Rushden Echo, 29th November, 1901, transcribed by Gill Hollis

A New Slugging Machine On The Market

A Possible New Industry For Rushden

A Rushden Invention

  A representative of the Rushden Echo has had an opportunity of inspecting, at the workshop of Messrs. Cox and Brown, engineers, Higham-road, Rushden, a machine which is a vast improvement on the old Flexible Slugger.  The New Flexible Rapid Slugger is the invention of Mr. Cox, of Messrs. Cox and Brown, and has been patented in the name of the Flexible Slugging Company, the managing director of which is Mr. Boothman, father of Mrs. Arthur Cave, the first man to introduce sluggers into England.  The machine can now be seen in full working order at Messrs. Cox and Brown’s works.

  Among the advantages of the new slugger is the fact that it is capable of being worked at a greater speed – up to 500 a minute and even beyond, according to the capacity of the operator.  Another advantage is that there will be no grinding of cutters, each cutter being guaranteed for two years and being renewable at a cost not exceeding 1s.  The new machine is simpler than the other sluggers.  There being fewer parts, the breakages will be reduced to a minimum; and, as a matter of fact, the new slugger promises to cost less than 1s. in repairs where the older machines cost £1.  A great point in favour of the new machine is the fact that the working parts are immediately in front of the operator.  A further important gain to the purchaser of the machine is the privilege of purchasing wire where he likes, without any royalty, and to a manufacturer who uses 1 cwt. of wire a week this would mean a saving of £30 a year.  The studs are guaranteed not to tumble out of the soles, both sides of the leather being left alike, and the studs are warranted to remain in their place. A further advantage is that the operator can alter from sole to heel in less than half a minute and he can also alter the travel of the machine instantaneously. We believe that to bring the machine to perfection has cost the company no less than £10,000. Each machine supplied will be guaranteed for six months, free of all expense.

  We would strongly recommend the boot and shoe manufacturers in the district to take the opportunity of seeing this machine at work at Messrs. Cox and Brown’s and we might mention that samples may be slugged there. A great many orders for the machine have already been taken, including some from Australia. At this juncture, when efforts are being made to introduce new industries into Rushden, we hope the firm will lay themselves out to make the machines complete in the town.

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