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Clive Wood, 2008
Louie (nee Dickens) Arnsby

Park Place closing room decorated for the King's Coronation 1937

Aunt Louie

My Aunt Louie (nee Dickens, later Arnsby) spent all her working days at John White’s closing room in Newton Road. When there was little work she’d sometimes be given the task of taking out John White’s two young daughters. When Louie retired Mrs White presented her with a Doulton figure of a crinoline lady, from her own collection.

Louie worked at Park Place for all of her working life, more than 50 years, and was often chosen for making the samples. The picture shows Louie in a dark dress (front left corner) in the closing room which was well decorated for the celebrations in 1937 for the King’s Coronation.

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