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The Rushden Echo, 30th December, 1904, transcribed by Gill Hollis.
New Industry For Rushden

A Saving For Shoe Manufacturers

With the new year a new industry will be introduced into Rushden in the firm of Messrs. E. Salmon and Co., Ltd., engineers, knife makers, iron and brass founders, etc., who have taken the spacious premises on the Rock Estate, formerly occupied by Messrs. John Cave and Sons, Ltd., as a temporary factory.

The new industry will be a distinct gain to the town and district, as in the future there will be no necessity for manufacturers to send to other towns for repairs to machinery. In this way a great deal of unnecessary expense and serious waste of time will be avoided. In the case of a break-down in the past a long stoppage has frequently been necessitated until the broken machinery could be sent away and recast, but this work can now be done in the town. We understand that a first-class knife-maker and mechanic have already been engaged and the staff and plant will be increased according to the requirements of the trade.

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