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Prestige Footwear
Prestige Footwear factory
The Prestige Footwear factory in Washbrook Road, adjoins the Oakley footwear factory in Oakley Road.

In 1902 Mr. Augustus Allebone started a company making mens' footwear at 26 Wellingborough Road. In 1908 he moved to larger premises at 155 High Street, and in October 1915 he built a new factory in Oakley Road, powered and lit by electricity, with all the latest and best machinery for making footwear.

The business became a limited company in 1913, and the management was put in the hands of his two sons, Horace and Arthur Allebone. Up to WWI the firm made medium class youths’ and boys’ goods, but like so many others they made practically nothing else but Government boots for both British and Russian armies throughout the war. When Horace joined up, his brother Arthur was left in sole control.

In the 1940s George Selwood & Co. shared the premises when the RAF took over his Harborough Road factory, and the company was retitled A & S Footwear Ltd.

Further expansion came in the 1960s when the Prestige factory was built in Washbrook Road.

Catalogue cover
This loose-leaf folder has been specially prepared by " PRESTIGE" Shoes Limited to hold their range of In-stock leaflets. Please keep this folder for future leaflets which will be issued as new styles are put into stock.
The "PRESTIGE" Trade Mark has been designed to symbolise the Quality and Service which is available to you from the Company. To your customers, this modern version of the winged foot of Mercury suggests comfort and lightness. To you, it is our pledge to endeavour to give a speedy and efficient service at all times.
Terms : 6¼%—7 days, 5%—30 days. Thereafter Nett.
Carriage paid on 12 pairs and over.
Wall Charts for easy reference available.
"PRESTIGE" Plaques and Window flashes available on demand.
Men's sizes, 5 to 11 and ½ sizes.
Teens' sizes, 2 to 5½- and ½ sizes. (No Purchase Tax)

A few sample pages from the catalogue
From the catalogue From the catalogue
From the catalogue From the catalogue

These little foil tags were attached to all the "Prestigo" shoes
Advertising added when the shoes were packed

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