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The Staple Trade at Rushden

The Rushden Echo, 20th November, 1908, transcribed by Jim Hollis

Large New Factory To Be Built - Other Factories To Be Enlarged
Special to the “Rushden Echo”

  Considerable interest has been aroused by the announcement in last week’s “Rushden Echo” that £20,000 or thereabouts is to be spent in boot and shoe factory erection and extensions in Rushden in the near future.  This week we are able to give some details of the work to be done.

Mr. C. W. Horrell

  Mr. Horrell is considerably extending his factory in Fitzwilliam-street and Moor-road.  A new room, about 90 feet by 50, comprising one floor, is being erected.  For this room Mr. Scrivener, of Northampton, is the architect, and Mr. Robert Marriott, of Rushden, the builder, and the work was started on Monday last.  The new room, which will be lighted from the roof by north windows, will be used for the rough stuff and as a making-room.  When completed, the new building will make the factory two-thirds as large again.

  This is only part of the proposed extensions, which in order that the business may not be dislocated, will be done in sections, and which, when the whole are completed, will more than double the present accommodation.  It is expected that the making-room will be finished by Jan. 16th next year.

Messrs. Sanders and Sanders

  This firm have decided to erect a new factory in Spencer Park, plans for which have been prepared by Mr. H. Adnitt.  The new factory which will supersede the present building at the corner of High-street and Midland-road, will occupy a site about 95 feet wide and 121 feet deep.  It will be built on the one floor system, generally called “the American system,” though that seems to be a misnomer, as so many of the American factories are built many storeys high.

  The offices will be in the front, including private office, general office, sample room, &c.  The gas engine and gas plant will be at the back of the factory, where also the heating apparatus will be placed.

  The principal natural lighting will be from the roof – a steel one – on the “north light” system, as employed at the factories of Messrs. John Cave and Sons, Ltd., the C.W.S., Messrs. E. Claridge and Sons, Ltd., and other firms.  It will be lofty, and in every respect thoroughly up-to-date.

  The new factory will be equal to double the out-put of the present building.  It is intended to proceed with the erection as soon as the contracts are entered into.

Mr. F. Corby

  A new room, to be used as a leather-store and machine-room, is to be built by Mr. Fred Corby, adjacent to his factory in John-street.  It will be about 60 feet by 50, covering the whole length of the yard, and will consist of one storey, with “north lights” in the roof.

  The work, it is hoped, will be finished by Christmas.  A new engine and gas plant are to be put down.

The C.W.S.

  Important extensions are contemplated at the Co-operative Wholesale Society’s boot factory in Portland-road, and it is expected that the plans – which are being prepared by Mr. F. S. L. Harris, A.R.I.B.A., of Manchester, C.W.S. architect – will be in the hands of the Urban Council next week.  The present factory is to be enlarged to the full extent of the C.W.S. land in Portland-road – at the east end of the existing buildings – and this will allow for an increase of 25 per cent. on the present out-put.  As the capacity at the present time is 10,000 pairs a week, the extensions will increase those figures to 12,500 or thereabouts.

  Beside this extension, spacious stock-rooms are to be built at the rear of the factory, capable of holding 200,000 pairs of boots.  The idea of Mr. Ballard, the manager, is to give continuity of employment, inasmuch as in slack times the society will, with the new stock-room accommodation, be able to manufacture for stock.

  By practically abolishing overtime and slack time, Mr. Ballard hopes to ensure absolutely regular work.

  In addition to this great advantage, the extensions will allow for the employment of a larger number of hands.

  The building will be proceeded with at once when the plans have received the sanction of the Urban Council.  The C.W.S. will, when these enlargements are completed, still have land available for further extensions, namely, the site abutting on Rectory-road and now partly occupied by Mr. Sargent’s old factory, the house occupied by Mr. Joseph Burton, &c.

Messrs. James Hyde Ltd.

  This firm, too, have extensive additions on hand.  At present they have two factories in Glassbrook-road – the main building, and further up the street the clickers’ and closers’ department, with eight cottages between the two buildings.  A large piece of land at the rear of the factories and cottages has been purchased, and plans have been prepared for erecting a large room, 330 feet in length, on the “American” (one-floor) system, with north lights in the roof.  These plans have been before the Urban Council and referred back for slight alterations.  It is expected that at the next meeting of the Council the plans will be finally passed, and then tenders will be invited.  The work may possibly be done in two or three sections, or it may be done all at once.

  The present output is over 5,000 pairs of boots a week, and when the enlargements are completed the capacity will be about 10,000 pairs a week.  Over 300 hands are employed at present, inside and out, and the additions to the premises will mean an extra 100 hands for a start.  It is hoped to turn out 7,000 or 8,000 pairs directly the extensions are completed.

Messrs. G. Selwood and Co.

  This firm have had plans prepared showing extensive additions to their factory in Harborough-road, but it is not likely that the scheme will be proceeded with, as Messrs. Selwood and Co. are inclined rather to build a spacious new factory on the latest principle.  This latter course, in fact, we have reason to state, would be decided upon forthwith could the firm find either a customer or a tenant for the present factory.  It is certain that the present premises are inadequate for the firm’s growing trade, and the new factory may be settled upon even apart from the selling or letting of the present building.

Rushden Echo, 27th November 1908, transcribed by Kay Collins

Trade Extensions at Rushden
Still another New Factory — Other developments

Not only in Rushden and the district, but throughout the shoe and leather world, the greatest interest has been taken in the details given in last week’s “Rushden Echo” regarding the new factories to be built in Rushden and the enlargement of other factories, and our article has been reproduced in substance in most of the leather trade paper. This week we are able to record further enterprise.

Messrs. Darlow and West

This firm have during the last few years rented a three-storey factory in Newton-road, Rushden. They have this week purchased a large and exceedingly suitable piece of land in Gordon-street—the new street running from Irchester-road into Wellingborough-road beyond the Oakley—and on this land they intend to erect a spacious new factory. The piece they have secured comprises 1,567 square yards, and consists of ten plots as originally offered for dwelling-houses.

Messrs. Darlow and West purpose building a modern up-to-date factory on the one-storey principle, with “north lights” in the roof. They are making a high-class boot, and in the new premises they expect to double their out-put, whilst they will still have land available for further extensions in the future. In the new premises more hands will be employed than could possibly be accommodated in their present factory in Newton-road. In fact they could have done considerably more trade last spring if they had not been handicapped through lack of room.

Mr. A. Allebone

For several years past Mr. A. Allebone has occupied the factory at the corner of Wellingborough-road and Duck-street. His business has now developed, and the need for larger and more convenient premises has been forced upon his attention. He has now secured the factory at the bottom of Midland-road—at the junction of that road with High-street—at present occupied by Messrs. Sanders and Sanders, who will vacate it on the completion of their proposed new factory in Spencer-park. Mr. Allebone, who hopes to be in his new quarters in the spring of next year, will then be able to greatly increase his out-put of boots and more hands will be required.


The Co-operative Wholesale Society have taken the factory in Victoria-road, recently vacated by Messrs. Knight and Brightwell, and will use it as a stock-room until the extensions at the Portland-road factory are completed.

Factories 1908

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