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Green and Coe Ltd
Boot Manufacturers 1910 - 1946

Rushden Echo, 18th February 1910, transcribed by Kay Collins

A New Company, Green and Coe. Ltd., has been registered with a capital of £3,000 in £1 shares, to carry on the business of boot and shoe manufacturers and leather merchants, tec., in Rushden or elsewhere. The subscribers are: F Green, 128 Queen-street, Rushden, boot manufacturer, and B G Coe, 18 Griffith-street, Rushden, boot manufacturer. Private company. The number of directors is not to be fewer than two nor more than three; the first are F Green and B G Coe. Registered office: Newton-road, Rushden.

Extract from a Military Tribunal in May 1918

Bernard G. Coe, 39, married of Wymington, a principal in the firm of Green and Coe Ltd., boot manufacturers, Rushden, respondent said that the practical part of the business was left entirely to him and they were engaged almost entirely on Government work. The conditional certificate was withdrawn and six months’ temporary exemption (open) allowed. With regard to the Volunteer conditions, respondent said he had a small farm at Wymington and he was also a motor cycle rider for the Bedfordshire Constabulary. The Chairman :You must join the V.T.C.

Rushden Echo, 6th September 1918

SERIOUS ACCIDENTLily Minney, aged 14, daughter of Mr. C. Minney, of Grove-street, while working a splitting machine at the factory of Messrs. Green and Coe, boot manufacturers, met with a serious accident on Monday.  Her right hand was caught by the machinery and badly mangled, all the fingers being lacerated severely.  The injured girl was taken to Dr. Greenfield’s surgery, where the injuries were dressed, and the girl was then taken home in the doctor’s motor-car.  The two middle fingers are smashed, and it is feared that amputation will be necessary.

Rushden Echo & Argus, 9th January 1948, transcribed by Kay Collins

Creditors Meet
The first meeting of the creditors of Bernard George Coe, of 13, Park Road, Rushden, retired boot and shoe manufacturer, formerly of Green and Coe, Ltd., a business which was wound up on June 3rd, 1946, was held at the office of the Official Receiver (Mr. A. T. Cheek) Northampton.

His gross liabilities were estimated to be £4,616, and his assets were estimated to produce £4,886, leaving a surplus of £270.

Mr. L. G. Roberts, of High Street, Rushden, was appointed trustee, with a committee of inspection, to which three creditors were appointed.

The public examination will be at Northampton Bankruptcy Court next Tuesday.

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