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T. T. Clarke Bespoke Boots
Thomas Tobiah Clarke, was born at Raunds in 1867, son of Thomas and Charlotte Clarke.

In 1895 he married Mary Ann Skinner, and in 1901, they were living at 175 Wellingborough Road, with two young daughters.

T T Clarke
T T Clarke
Postcard for Phit-Foot Boots

Extract from his father's autobiography:
1908 advert
About this time (1898) my son started to make the ‘Phit-Foot’ boot sold by advertising. The business gradually developed, a small factory was taken, and I was, in a short time, asked by him to manage the making department.
The boot, being made to measure and hand sewn all through, [by] my knowledge of my original trade. After a few years, advertising was dispensed with and depots were opened at Manchester, Leeds, Hull and Nottingham – but it did not work out so successfully as the original advertising system. The expenses were so largely increased. The business was sold in 1910 to a Northampton party who retained me for about 1 year, after which I left them.
advert 1908

Note: They first traded at 24 Moor Road, then from a factory at 2 Wentworth Road.
24 Moor Road 2 Wentworth Road
24 Moor Road
2 Wentworth Road - now flats

From a 1904 Bazaar Programme
from Phillipson's 1908 Directory

Rushden Echo, 26th March 1909, transcribed by Kay Collins

Elbow Grease or Science!—The old boot polishes meant hard labour before the boots began to shine. Now science has been brought to bear upon the question. B.B.M. Boot Polish, at 3d. per tin, puts a beautiful durable gloss on the boots in two or three seconds, without the least bit of labour. 3d. a tin, same size as usually sold for 6d. Our Phit-Foot Boots (every pair made to measure) make walking a real joy.—T. T. Clarke, Bespoke Boot Factory, Rushden.

Always insist on having B.B.M. Boot Polish, per 3d. tin, largest, cheapest, and best. B.B.M. Boot Polish can be had from Albert Okins, cycle maker, High-street, Rushden; The Lightstrung Co., cycle makers, Oxford-street, Wellingborough, High-street, Irchester, The Cross, Irthlingborough; Mrs. Berrill, Wellingboro’-road, Rushden; or Mr. J. Middleton, grocer, etc., Higham Ferrers; Mr. Pearson, 45, Grove-street, Rushden.

Rushden Echo, 28th May 1909, transcribed by Kay Collins

All is not Gold that Glitters! But the glitter of our B.B.M. Boot Polish is genuine! Try a sample, 3d., same size as usually sold for 6d. None genuine unless sold in our Phit-Foot Boot Wrapper. If your dealer does not stock it you can get it direct from the Factory or of our representative, Mr. Laurence Clark.

Note: Phit-Foot advertised in Boot & Shoe Journal in 1916 - with the address of Ethel Street, Northampton.

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