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Mr. Henry Bull

The Wellingborough News, 30th September, 1887, transcribed by Gill Hollis

Shop Warming

Yesterday (Thursday) evening was chosen by Mr. Henry Bull, who some four months since took possession of his new factory, on the Harborough Park Estate, as a suitable opportunity for gathering together his employees and their wives; with the builders, carpenters, and all connected with the erection of this commodious building, for a few hours of social intercourse. The clicking room had been prepared for the occasion, and an excellent old English repast was provided, to which upwards of 130 persons did ample justice. On the withdrawal of the cloth Mr. Henry Bull occupied the chair, and was supported by Mr. C. G. Cunnington, Mr. C. Hewitt, Mr. James Bull, Mr. Charles Bull, Mr. George Bull, Mr. George Bacon, Mr. John Mackness, Mr. Wm. Mackness, Mr. E. Wrighton, Mr. C. Bayes, Mr. E. Bayes (Bayes and Son, builders), Mr. H. Adnitt, Mr. Wm. Everard (Adnitt and Everard, builders), Mr. Geo. Fountain (plumbing and painting), Mr. Wm. Goodwin (plasterers), Mr. G. Berry, Mr. C. Hewitt, Jun., Mr. Battle, and others. Mr. Bull, who was received with applause, said it afforded him great pleasure to meet his employees and friends in such a happy manner. He hoped all would thoroughly enjoy themselves, and that the gathering would cement more strongly the cordial relations existing between master and man. (Applause.)

Mr. Charles Bayes, in a few well-chosen words, congratulated employer and employed upon the happy relations existing between them. He urged the employees to take a pride in doing their work well, and thus contribute to their mutual success. He had no doubt Mr. Bull would prove a good master, and trusted that instead of having to reduce his staff he would be able to augment it. (Cries of “He’s a jolly good fellow.”) Mr. G. Fountain having briefly endorsed Mr. Bayes’ remarks, the evening was devoted to songs, recitations, and social intercourse, the following contributing to the enjoyment of the evening :- Misses Polly Bull and Eva Grey, and Messrs. Wm. Mackness, Wm. Elsdown, Smith, Battle, and J. Wilson. The chief attraction of the evening, however, was the performance of the “Harborough Park Jubilee Minstrels,” who gave an amusing nigger entertainment, concluding with a negro extravaganza, “The Stupid Servant,” which was much enjoyed. Mr. Herbert Adnitt proposed, in a few suitable words, a hearty vote of thanks to the host and hostess for their kindness, which, having been carried with acclamation, and suitably responded to by Mr. Bull, was followed with “He’s a jolly good fellow,” and three times three. Refreshments were provided ad libilum, the enjoyment being sustained until the small hours of this (Friday) morning.


Henry was a brother of Charles Bull

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