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Ager & Badham
Wholesale Boot and Shoe Manufacturers
Published in 1891
Ager & Badham, Wholesale Boot and Shoe Manufacturers.—In the staple industry of Rushden, a well-known house engaged in this branch of commerce is that under the proprietorship of Messrs. Ager & Badham, Wholesale Boot and Shoe Manufacturers of this town, who have been established some years, and since their commencement have grouped together a widespread connection in different parts of the country. Their works are well located, and are three stories high, modern, and built for the shoe and boot industry, on suitable lines, and in accordance with the recognised rule of the business. They comprise stock, packing, clicking, and forwarding rooms, fitted up with every convenience for the prompt execution of all orders, with best type of boot machinery, appliances, plant, etc., also a well-appointed office. The firm manufacture principally for the home trade, and their goods are well known for excellent material used, combining style and durability. Great care is taken by the members of the firm in the selection of materials used, so as to keep up the high standard of the specialities of this house. The stock of made goods and raw material is extensive. Orders are attended to with the greatest despatch under the supervision of Messrs. Ager & Badham, no goods leaving this establishment unless up to the required standard. An adequate staff of workmen is continually employed. In commercial and social circles the firm are well known for their courteous and straightforward business dealings.
Thomas Ager was born at Northampton, son of William, a cordwainer, in 1860, and Walter Badham was born at Bromyard, Herefordshire, the same year. Their factory was at 4 Newton Road, where Isaac Sykes lived, he being the brother-in-law of Walter.

Little has been found about the firm. They only seem to have advertised in 1890 Kelly's Directory, but William Badham traded in 1920 at the property. Walter died in 1914, and Thomas died in 1945.

This picture has been taken from an aerial view and shows the factory behind a cottage in Newton Road.

Below the cottage is the roof of the BWTA Hall built in 1907.

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