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A selection of museum items, photographed by Kay Collins, 2009
Shoemaking Before Machinery

These items were rescued from a small mueum that had been established
in a shoe factory that was taken over by Messrs. Sanders & Sanders Ltd.

Last (left) This last would be secured between the knees and feet of the shoemaker.

(centre) A Strop - A block of wood with different grades of sandpaper on each of 3 sides and leather on the fourth, for sharpening knives. This would be held rather like a steel is held when sharpening a carving knife.

(right) This tiny stove is only 8" (20cm) wide. It probably burnt leather scraps and would keep the workshop warm as well as keeping the glue or wax ready to use.

A Strop Stove
A last
A strop
A stove and glue pot

Pattens Bench lasts Bench lasts
Pattens - overshoes to walk on muddy roads!
Bench lasts - fixed to a bench and with a selection of interchangeable lasts.

Iron clad sole Clog style shoe Wooden sole
A wooden soled boot with iron rim.

Some tiny shoes with a buttoned ankle strap - photographed with a ball point pen for scale.
Ankle strapped shoe Child's shoe

Child's boot Child's boot sole
A child's boot

Clasp Clasp detail from the child's boots below.

Both boots are the same shape - not a left & a right.

Childs Clogs Child's clogs

Small tools Shoemaker's bench Leather bucket
Some small hand tools.
An iron, a skiving tool and stitch markers.
A worker's bench to lay out the parts and sections for nails, wax, etc.
The latticed end is thought to be for laying down the shoe where loose nails would drop through to prevent the possibility of marking the upper.
A bucket made of leather.

A goatskin boot (left) A ladies goatskin boot

(below) A heeled ladies shoe
Ladies heeled shoe

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