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Copied from Shoe & Leather Record April 3rd 1958 - courtesy of Northampton Museum
Shoe Manufacturers Association
Rushden Branch - Jubilee 1958 - Members Adverts

This picture was sent to the Shoe & Leather Record. Mr. John Horrell of Rushden said they were found some years ago when a house in the town was being demolished. Experts reckon they were made about 1650. The leather is cowhide and the buttons are of wood. Mr. Horrell is presenting the shoes to Northampton Museum which has one of the finest collection of period shoes in the world. Curiously enough, there is a pair of similar shoes in the Paris Museum.

A. and S. (Footwear) Ltd. (Successors to Allebone and Sons, Ltd.), Oakley Road, Rushden.

Established in 1895 and made a limited company in 1013. A. and S. (Footwear) Ltd. was formed in 1956, incorporating Allebone and Sons Ltd., Geo. Selwood and Co. Ltd., and Oakley Shoes (Rushden) Ltd. Men's and women's Goodyear welted, men's veldts and children's veldts are produced at the rate of 10,000 pairs a week.

Joint managing directors: Mr. Arthur Allebone, Mr. A. A. Allebone, Mr. Alan Allebone.

A. H. Bailey and Sons Ltd., Finedon.

Established in 1884 and produces Government service boots, industrial boots and miners' safety boots. For some years considerable export business has been carried on with South Africa and, until recently, with Egypt.

Managing director: Mr. F. W. Bailey.

Roy Bailey, Berry Green, Finedon

Mr. Roy Bailey, the proprietor, started manufacturing in a small factory in 1935, producing about 200 pairs of cheap shoes weekly. He moved to the present factory in 1936 and has since maintained an output of men's boots and shoes, averaging 1,000 pairs a week. Production is men's screwed and stitched field boots and staple welted shoes.

A Barker and Sons Ltd., Earls Barton

Three generations of the Barker family have been responsible for running the business, which was founded in 1880.

Men's and women's high grade shoes are produced at the rate of 5,000 to 6,000 pairs a week.

Joint   managing   directors: Mr.    Albert   E.    Barker Mr. Charles Barker.

Bayes Bros (Footwear) Ltd., Eastfield Road, Wollaston

 Established  in  1946.    Production covers  industrial boots and shoes, moulded boots and shows, and football boots, totalling about 1,200 pairs a week.

Directors: Mr.   S.   T.  Bayes  (chairman),  Mr.  R.  G. Bayes, Mr. R. L. Bayes, Mr. E. M. Bayes (secretary).

Bigley Bros. Ltd., Dale Street Wellingborough

Established in 1913.

The company produces screwed and stitched heavy boots, and staple welted shoes and sandals. About 200 dozen pairs a week are made.

Directors: Mr. D. Bigley (managing), Mrs. K. E. Bigley.

Bignells Ltd., Imperial House, Rushden

Company launched 21 years ago with three manu­facturing units at Kettering, Wellingborough, and Rushden, by Mr. Arthur J. Bignell and his son, the late Mr. Eric W. Bignell, in conjunction with the late Mr. A. W. Gilbert and Mr. G. S. Gilbert. The firm now has six factories in the Rushden area and a closing room at Nuneaton.

Men's Goodyear welted and staple welted shoes, boys' and girls' machine sewn, women's and men's thread lasted, and boys' and men's stuck-on footwear are made. Production about 14,000 pairs a week.

Directors: Mr. Wallis S. Gilbert (chairman), Mr, Ernest Gilbert (managing), Mr. W. Stanley Gilbert, Mr. Douglas H. Gilbert

Borough Shoes Ltd., Higham Ferrers

The business started as Sudborough and Eady at Burton Latimer in 1904. It was transferred to Higham Ferrers in 1913 when it was first registered as A. Sudborough and Son Ltd.
Factory extended in 1917 and again in 1925. The company has been under the present directorate as Borough Shoes Ltd. since 1947.

Production is men's Goodyear welted modern and conventional shoes, ladies' welted walking shoes, and boys' and youths' shoes.

Directors: Mr. Cecil F. Norman (chairman and managing), Mr. George A. Norman, Mr. William S. Higho, Mr. Norman S. Briggs, Mr. S. R. Appleby (secretary).

W. Botterill & Son Ltd., London Road, Bozeat.

Established in 1895 by the father of the present chairman, who himself joined the business at the age of 11. It has developed from employing 4 or 5 people producing a few pairs to the present output with 140 employees.
Football and rugby boots, and heavy duty boots and shoes   with   both   conventional   and   moulded   rubber soles are produced.    Output, 300,000 pairs a year.

Directors:  Mr. A. Botterill (chairman and managing)., Mr. R. Botterill, Mr. J. A. Botterill.

Bozeat Boot Co Ltd., Easton Maudit Lane, Bozeat.

Incorporated as a private limited company in 1940. Since  its  inception the  factory  premises  have   been doubled and modernised, and output trebled. Football boots and heavy boots  are produced  at the rate of 2,000 pairs a week.

Directors: Mr.   Spencer   S.   Clarke   (governing),   Mr. F. A. Clarke, Mr. E. A. Clarke, Mr. A. Pearce.

W. J. Brookes Ltd., King Street, Earls Barton.

Established in 1889 by Mr. William J. Brookes, the business was bought in 1907 by Mr. William Cox and Mr. Thomas W. Pateman, who in 1914 formed a private limited company known as W. J. Brookes Ltd. Since the deaths of Mr. Cox and Mr. Pateman the business has been conducted by Mr. Pateman's son and daughter and Mr. Cox's grand-daughter. Men's heavy and medium boots and medium staple-welted shoes are produced at the rate of 1,500 pairs a week.

Directors: Mr. Frank Pateman (managing), Miss Dorothy E. Pateman (secretary), Mrs. J. M. M. Edwards.

Brown-Gent Ltd.,     Midland     Road, Wellingborough.

The company produces men's and women's sandals and slippers of all types.

Directors: Mr. J. C. Gent, Mr. A. J. Dean, Mr. J. T. Ekins

Co-operative Wholesale Society Ltd., Portland Road, Rushden.

The works occupy the site of a factory bought by the C.W.S. Ltd., in 1899, when production started. Several extensions have been made and, with modern plant and equipment, the factory now specialises in men's medium high grade footwear for the home and export markets as part of the C.W.S. Footwear Divi­sion (Production).

Output   is   men's   footwear   including   cricket   boots, bowls shoes and sandals.

Directors: Mr. R. Smith is production manager, Footwear Divi­sion, and Mr. D. Bedells, resident works manager.

Geo. J. Cox Ltd., Castle Works, Wellingborough.

Established in  1909  by  Geo.  J.   Cox  at  Finedon, The company moved to Wellingborough in 1918. Output,  of 2,500 pairs weekly, covers men's welted, particularly young men's modern styles, with leather, crepe and micro soles.

Directors: Mr. Geo J. Cox (chairman), Mr. G. Hamilton Cox (managing,) Miss Joan M. Cox (secre­tary), Mr. F. M. Cox.

Coxton Shoe Co. Ltd., Rectory Road, Rushden.

Founded in 1912 by Mr. T. W. Cox and the late Mr. C. J. Newton, who had moved from Northampton to take up positions with John Cave and Sons Ltd. They started business on the Rock Estate and moved to the present premises in 1914.

Productions are men's Goodyear welted, staple welted, screwed and stitched, walking boots and shoes, and fashion shoes.

Directors: Mr. Thomas William Cox (chairman), Mr. Sidney Harold Newton (managing), Mrs. E. H. Cox, Mrs. J. Newton.

Denbros Ltd., Rectory Road, Rushden.

Established in 1920 at Irchester as Denton Bros. (Irchester) Ltd., and formerly a branch factory of B. Denton and Son Ltd., Rushden. The move to the present premises was made in 1934, when the name was changed to Denbros Ltd. .

Men's medium grade shoes and heavy working boots are produced at the rate of 4,600 pairs a week. Directors:  Mr.   J.    S.   Denton   (chairman   and   joint managing), Mr. W. H. Denton (joint managing), Mr. H. J. Perkins, Mr. J. F. Denton, Mr. G. W. Eason.

The company produces men's and women's sandals and slippers of all types.

Directors: Mr. J. C. Gent, Mr. A. J. Dean, Mr. J. T. Ekins.

B. Denton and Son Ltd., Station Road, Rushden.

Founded in 1840 by Benjamin Denton, who introduced shoe making to Rushden. The present managing director is the fourth generation of Dentons to hold that position.

Men's industrial and safety boots and shoes are produced at the rate of 9,000 pairs a week.

Directors: Mr. G. H. Denton (chairman and managing), Mr. F. E. Brown, Mr. L. J. Bryan, Mrs. W. H. Barnes.

Dilks and Martin,  Victoria  Road,  Rushden.

The firm was established in 1919 and Mr. Bernard E. Dilks is the proprietor.

The output of 1,600 pairs weekly comprises staple welted and screwed and stitched.

Drage Shoe Co. Ltd., Bozeat.

Formed in 1931 to take over the factory and produc­tion of The Drage (Footwear) Ltd., and has since con­tinued to serve the wholesale and multiple trade. Their "Drage" and "Ensign" brands for men and "Sprite" for children enjoy a reputation in this country and abroad.

Output is men's and women's Goodyear welted, including sports types, and men's, women's and children's veldtschoens.

Directors: Mr. H. Murray Caswell (managing), Mr. H, S. Holmes, Mr. H. P. Boswell. Secretary: Mr, D. W. A. Vann.

Eaton and Co. (Rushden) Ltd., Irchester Road,Rushden.

Founded by Mr. Harry Eaton in 1913 and incor­porated as a limited company in 1920. Controlling interest was taken in A. E. Wright (Higham Ferrers) Ltd. in 1952. John Cave and Sons Ltd., who were founded in 1850, became a wholly owned subsidiary company in 1955. Mr. Harry Eaton, who is aged 83, retired in 1952. There are now 7 factories producing footwear of all types in the Eaton group. Output, 28,000 pairs a week, consists of men's and women's welted footwear, dress footwear and specialised flexible constructions, which include the "Clubman" range.

Directors: Mr. G. W. Marriott, Mr. D. S. Eaton, Mr. R. H. Eaton (joint managing), Mr. K. Eaton, Mr. E. J. Wright.

Z.  Forscutt and Sons Ltd., Northampton Road, Wellingborough.

The company was established in 1860. Production is men's, youths' and boys' medium grade, welted;, staple-welted, stitched and screwed.

Directors: Mr. H. J. Sudborough (chairman and managing), Mr. A. J. Sudborough.

John R.Gammidge and Co. Ltd., Summerlee Road,Finedon.

Established in 1929 and incorporated as a limited company in 1938. Branch factories are at Irthling-borough and Little Harrowden. The company supplies wholesalers and multiples and specialises in the fancier designs.

Output, 7,000-8,000 pairs a week, comprises men's Goodyear welted in all styles of medium and better grades, including fancy sports and Italian designs.

Directors: Mr. A. H. Minney (chairman and joint managing), Mr. J. R. Gammidge (joint managing), Mr. F. G. Bailey, Mr. R. E. Gibbard (secretary), Mrs. S. M. Gammidge, Mrs. M. E. Minney.

William Green and Son (Grenson) Ltd., Queen Street, Rushden.

Established in Green's Yard, Rushden, in 1866 by William Green. A partnership between the founder and the late Mr. C. A. K. Green was formed about 1891 and in 1895 a move was made to the present situation in Queen Street.

A company was formed in 1929 with the late Mr. C. A. K. Green as chairman, which office he held until his death in 1947, when he was succeeded by Mr. C. W. S. Green.

Footwear produced is men's and women's medium to high grade welted.

Directors: Mr. C. W. S. Green (chairman and manag­ing), Mr. D. C. Green, M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P., Mr. C. R. H. Green, Mr. H. F. Pinnock and Mr. T. R. H. Goodey.

Glover Bros. (Wellingborough), Ltd., Grant Road, Wellingborough.

Mr. J. T. Glover and Mr. W. Glover established the company in King's Street in 1896.    After a move to Alma  Street, the present premises were occupied in 1900.    A limited company was formed in 1940. The weekly output of 2,000 pairs comprises modern styles in men's staple and Goodyear welted.

Directors: Mr. W. Glover (chairman), Mr. J. H. Glover.

R. Griggs and Co Ltd., Wollaston.

The   company  produces   men's   heavy  boots   of  all types, and ladies' shoes and sandals.

Directors:  Mr.  R. H.  Griggs (chairman), Mr. W. H. Griggs, Mr. R. Griggs.

Hawkins and Co. (Wellingborough) Ltd., Arthur Street, Wellingborough.

Established in 1885.

Production   covers    men's    and   youths'   welted    and thread lasted, men's staple welted, and women's bootees.

Directors: Mrs. B. Ball, Mrs. P. Marriott.

C. W. Horrell Ltd. ("Oral" Shoes), Fitzwilliam Street, Rushden.

Founded in 1895 by the late Mr. C. W. Horrell, who was joined in 1904 by the late Mr. W. McC. Horrell. A limited company was formed in 1919. The present premises were occupied in 1898 and since then many extensions have been made and more property purchased. Between 1948 and 1954 a com­plete modernisation of buildings and machinery was carried out. Two years ago the frontage to the Fitzwilliam Street premises was rebuilt and extensive alterations were made at the head office.

Directors: Mr. John Horrell (chairman), Mr. M. P. O'Connor, Mr. H. Geary.

Humphrey and Smart (Boots) Ltd., Irchester Road, Wollaston.

Founded in 1916 by the late Mr. Charles Henry Humphrey, who started by making boys' and youths* school boots. He was joined in 1923 by Mr. Thomas Frederick Smart and Mr. Alfred Morris Smart, the partnership trading as Humphrey and Smart, and the business was expanded to include working boots and football boots. A limited company was formed in 1951.

Directors: Mr. Thomas Frederick Smart (chairman), Mr. Charles Bertram Humphrey, Mr. Bernard Morris Smart.

Jaques and Clark Ltd., Midland Road, Rushden.

Established by James Jaques and John Clark in 1888, with premises in Victoria Road. Later the business moved to Fitzwilliam Street. The present premises were occupied in 1895 and in 1900 a new wing was added, doubling the factory capacity. A limited com­pany was formed in 1924 by the late John Clark and Charles Clark, whose sons, together with Mr. T. R. Thacker, are the present directors.

The company produces shoes of character in staple welted, and screwed and stitched working boots and shoes.

Directors: Mr. C. H. Clark and Mr. J. E. Clark (joint managing) and Mr. T. R. Thacker.

Knight and Lawrence Ltd., Manton Road, Rushden.

Founded in 1889 by the late Mr. W. C. Knight. After two moves, the present factory was built in 1893 and subsequently enlarged. Limited company formed in 1915.

Production consists of men's medium grade Goodyear welted shoes, cushioned moulded insole sandals and lightweight flexible cemented shoes. Mr. H. C. C. Knight, chairman, is the son of the founder and the other directors, Mr. A. W. C. Knight, Mr. E. C. Knight, Mr. J. I. Knight, and Mr. W. C. K. Knight are grandsons.

B. Ladds Ltd., Moor Road, Rushden.

A family business founded by the late Mr. B. Ladds in 1885, and has been carried on for three generations. Production consists of men's Goodyear welted and cemented footwear.

Directors: Mr. B. H. Ladds (managing), Mr. J. M. Bailey, Miss I. E. Ladds, Mr. H. S. Ladds.

Midland Boot Manufcturers Ltd., Stanley Road, Wellingborough.

Mr. S. Booth has been chairman of the company since it was established 50 years ago. About 100 workers are employed and many have been with the business 40 years. Since the last war ths factory has been completely re-machined and reorganised, and a non-contributory pension fund has been set up. About 3,000 pairs a week of men's and youths' Goodyear welted footwear are produced. Nearly 20 per cent, of output goes for export.

Directors: Mr. S. Booth, J.P. (chairman), Mr. K. C. Rowe (managing), Mr. E. Rogers (secretary).

T. H. Minney Ltd., Berry Green, Finedon.

Started  by Mr. T. H. Minney in 1924, a limited company being formed the following year. Output is about 2,000 pairs a week of men's boots in box, grain, etc., and men's staple welted Oxfords, Gibsons and brogues.

Directors: Mr. P. H. Minney (managing) and Mr. T. L. Minney.

F. Norton and Son Ltd., Irthlingborough.

Founded in 1939 by Mr. Fred Norton, who was later joined by his son, Derrick, and Mr. B. J. Woodward on their return from the services. Building extensions have been undertaken twice to cope with the demand. Production exceeds 5,000 pairs weekly of men's and women's high grade welted.

Directors: Mr. F. Norton (chairman), Mr. E. M. Norton, Mr. D. J. Norton, Mr. B. J. Woodward, M.B.E., A.B.S.I.

Arthur Nutt and Co. Ltd., Wellingborough Road, Finedon.

Established in 1897 and was a family business until it was taken over by the Coles Group, of Burton Latimer, in 1956.

Originally, the footwear produced was mainly for Government contracts but now production is industrial safety footwear and men's welted.

: Mr. R. K. Coles, Mr. L. Langford, Mr. 1 A Huckby.Directors:

W. E. Nutt and Co. (Wollaston) Ltd., Wollaston.

Established in 1912 by Mr. W. E. Nutt, who made heavy footwear. On the return from the forces of Mr. John W. Nutt in 1946, the heavy boot side was closed and the firm started to make children's shoes. In 1952 a limited company was formed and an instock service in children's sandals was initiated. Production consists of children's veldtschoens and thread lasted.

Managing director: Mr. John W. Nutt.

N.P.S. (Shoes) Ltd., South Street, Wollaston.

The company was established in 1881 and started in a small way, making footwear mainly under Government contract. Closing, making and hand-sewing were to a great extent done by out-workers. The original part of the present factory, built in 1899, was extended in 1907 and a further extension was made in 1951. The present type of trade - wholesale and retail - has been built up since the First World War and since 1939 labour had been fully employed continuously. Shoes produced are men's medium grade Goodyear welted and youths' and boys' riveted and stitched and staple-welted. Output is up to 2,000 pairs weekly.

Chairman is Mr. C. Rose, manager Mr. L. W. Sargent, and secretary Mr. L. F. Allen.

T. and C. Partridge and Co. Ltd., Broad Street, Earls Barton.

The firm of T. and C. Partridge and Co. took over the old-established firm of A. Allebone in 1914 and became a limited company in 1936. Since then three extensions have been made to the factory premises. Production covers men's best and medium grade welted footwear.

Directors: Mr. W. T. Jeffery (managing), Mr. W. C. Jeffery.

Phillips Bros (Wollaston) Ltd., Wollaston

A family business established in 1902 and working on the instock system. A drawing-stock has been built up in a wide range of men's heavies. Men's working boots and shoes, and wood-pegged and vulcanised types are produced.

Directors: Mr. S. A. Phillips (chairman), Mr. D. E. Phillips, Mr. W. J. Phillips, Mr. B. R. Phillips.

Pit-a-Pat Ltd., 56, Broad Green, Welling­borough.

Although the present company was formed in 1947, the "Pit-a-Pat" brand has been established since 1930 as the product of the Gardwell Shoe Co., of which Mr. G. H. Wells was partner. The partnership was dissolved in 1946.

The single story, centrally placed factory was built in 1947, the first new shoe factory in the town for many years. A profit-sharing scheme for all employees was instituted from the outset.

The company produces 300,000 pairs of children's veldtschoen sandals a year.

Directors: Mr. G. H. Wells (managing), Mrs. E. I. Wells, Mr. N. C. Wright (secretary).

Rilex Shoes Ltd., Rilex  Works, Wellingborough.

The company have been producing sponge sole slippers under the name of "Houseproud" and "Rilex" for more than 15 years, covering ladies', children's and gents'.

In recent years new plant for ladies' casuals, bootees and children's walking shoes  has  been introduced.    The company specialises in moulded footwear. Production consists of sponge sole slippers, children's shoes, ladies' casuals and bootees and children's sandals, totalling about 600,000 pairs a year. Directors: Mr. J. Lewis (chairman), Mr. J. Simons (managing), and Mr. W. J. Reynolds, M.S.M.A.

Septimus Rivett Ltd.,  Eastfield Road, Wollaston.

Since its formation about 50 years ago, the company has specialised in men's heavy screwed and stitched footwear. Safety and vulcanised footwear is also produced.

Production includes heavy agricultural and industrial boots and miners' safety footwear.

Directors: Mr. F. Rivett (managing), Mr. E. E. Rivett, Mr. W. A. Rivett.

Rockleigh Shoe Co. Ltd., Burton Road, Finedon.

Established in 1929. A subsidiary of Loake Bros. Ltd., Kettering.

About 4,000 pairs a week of men's and youths' Goodyear welted footwear are produced.

Directors: Mr. G. W. Loake (chairman), Mr. E. W. Loake, Mr. F. H. Hawthorne, Mr. L. N. Loake Mr. J. R. Loake, Mr. J. E. Loake.

Sanders and Sanders Ltd., Spencer Works, Rushden.

The company was established in 1873. Production is men's medium grade welted shoes, slip lasted sandals and slippers.

Directors: Mr. W. B. Sanders, Mr. J. Sanders and Mr. A. L. Sanders.

Alfred Sargent and Sons Ltd., Portland Road, Rushden.

Founded in 1900 by Mr. W. F. Sargent, the present chairman and managing director, and his father, the late Mr. Alfred Sargent. The first factory was in John Street. In 1915 a new factory was built in Portland Road and extensions were made in 1922, 1954 and 1957. An export trade is carried on with 54 countries.

About 4,250 pairs of men's and youths' medium grade welted and stuck-on are produced weekly. Brands, "Forum," "Kingsley, "Stamina."

Directors: Mr. W. F. Sargent (chairman and managing), Mr. D. K. Sargent, Mr. W. S. Coles (director and secretary), Mrs. L. Sargent, Mrs. I. M. Roberts.

George Selwood and Co Ltd., Harborough Road, Rushden.

The business was started at the rear of the late Mr. George Selwood's house in Park Road. Later it was transferred to Harborough Road and in 1914 to the present premises. In 1956 the business was acquired y Allebone and Sons Ltd., Rushden. Some 2,500 pairs  of men's medium grade goodyear welts and the same number of children's veldtschoen sandals are produced weekly.

Directors: Mr. Arthur Allebone, Mr. A. A. Allebone, Mr. A. Allebone, Mr. F. G. Deane.

Walter Sargent and Co. (Manufacturers) Ltd., Glassbrook Road, Rushden.

Company formed in 1953 to take over the manu­facturing side of the business formerly carried on by Walter Sargent and Co. Ltd. The original company was established in 1870 and the first factory in College Street was acquired in 1880. In 1931 a move was made to the present premises, and output is now 6,000 pairs of men's Goodyear welted a week. The company is represented in the major export markets and is associated with a prominent manufacturing unit in Australia for production and marketing of men's Good­year welted shoes under licence.

Some 6,000 pairs of men's Goodyear welted are produced weekly.

Directors: Mr. R. E. B. Sargent (managing, grandson of the founder), Mrs. F. M. Sargent, Mr. F. C. Knight (secretary), Mr. H. Swingler.

John Shortland Ltd., Irthlingborough.

In 1875 the late Mr. William Shortland left his native Harrowden to seek work in the trade at Irthling-borough where he soon established himself and was one of the first to install a sewing and stitching machine. In 1891 he built the Tower factory where he and his sons, John and James, made shoes for the wholesale market. Eventually, John Shortland started business on his own account and in 1899 founded the Express Works, which during the past 59 years have been extended many times. On his death in 1934 the management passed into the hands of his son, Mr. Hugh Shortland. The development of the well-known "Wearra" fitting system, covering slim, medium and broad fittings in men's, women's and youths', started in 1936.

Directors: Mr. Hugh L. Shortland (managing), Mr H. D. Bugby (sales), Mr. A. Neal£(works), Mr. A. J. Harris (director and secretary).

John Spencer and Co. (Irthlingborough) Ltd., Station Road, Irthlingborough.

Established in 1820. The company caters for wholesale and export.

Output, of 2,000  pairs  a week, includes men's and women's figure skating boots; rugby, football and cricket boots, and men's medium and best welted.

Directors: Mr. W. E. S. Robb (chairman) and Mr  W Edwards (managing).

Sudborough Bros. Ltd., Northampton Road, Wellingborough.

The company carried on business at Natural Works Park Road, Wellingborough, from 1914 to 1941, when the factory was requisitioned by the Ministry of Aircraft Production. Business was then transferred to the present factory, owned by the associate company, Z. Forscutt and Sons Ltd.

Men's, boys' and youths' welted footwear, including casuals and fancy designs for home and export markets is produced at the rate of 15,000 pairs a month.

Directors: Mr. H. J. Sudborough (chairman and managing), Mr. A. J. Sudborough (director and secretary).

G. W. and R. Shelton Ltd., St. Michaels Lane, Wollaston.

The company produces miners' safety footwear agricultural and heavy work hoots, and moulded boots and shoes.

Directors: Mr. R. J. Shelton, Mr. D. R Shelton Mr W. G. Baxter, Mr. S. Shelton.

Sun Dawn Shoe Co. Ltd., Doddington Road, Wellingborough.

Established in 1930 with about six employees at premises in Queen Street. Sixty workers are employed. Output, 2,000 pairs a week, consists of men's and women's high grade slippers and men's sandals.

Directors: Mr. J. A. Dawson (managing), Mr. L. B. Orton, Mr. J. C. Halliday.

T. Tarry and Co Ltd., College Street, Rushden.

Manufacture started in 1927.

Production consists of men's and women's good quality welted, flexible-veldt walking shoes and casuals. Managing director is Mr. Ralph Tarry.

Tecnic (Children's) Shoes Ltd., Park Road, Rushden.

The company was founded in 1947. Production comprises  children's,  maids'  and youths' high grade shoes, sandals and bootees, made lockstitch, veldtschoen and  cemented. Output is 4,500 pairs a week.

Directors: Mr. Walter C. Tarry (chairman), Mr. S. Ronald Fox (managing), Mr. E. E. Newell, Mr. L. Essom.

Tecnic Shoe Co. Ltd., Bedford Road Rushden.

Formed in 1915 to produce screwed and stitched boots in premises in Harborough Road. In 1923 a modern single-storey factory was built in Bedford Road and, after three extensions, now covers 25,000 square feet. The company employs 280 workers. Weekly output is 6,000 pairs of men's and women's welted walking shoes for home and export.

Directors: Mr. Walter C. Tarry (chairman and managing), Mrs. G. Ida Hanson, Mrs. Marjorie E. Spencer, Mr. Ernest E. Newell, Mr. Leonard Essom.

R. Thompson and Co Ltd., Park Road, Wellingborough.

The company has just over 50 years connection with boot and shoe manufacture.

Production is men's medium grade welted shoes.

Directors: Mr. R. Thompson (managing), Mr. S. Thompson, Mr. B. Thompson.

Tower Boot Co. Ltd., Finedon.

Established  as  a family private company in 1917. A limited company was formed in 1923. Shoes produced are men's riveted, screwed and stitched, and stapled and stitched.

Directors: Mr. Albert Edward Pearson (managing), Mr. W. G. Pearson (director and secretary), Mr. A. G. Pearson, Mr. H. Pearson, Mr. C. F. Pearson.

Ward and Sheffield Ltd., Central Works, Earls Barton.

Formed over 100 years ago.

Productions include men's and youths' medium grade boots and shoes, and sports footwear. Men's working boots are a speciality.

Directors: Mr. F. A. Abbott (chairman and managing), and Mr. I. K. Abbott,

Walker Bros. (Wellingborough) Ltd., Mill Road, Wellingborough.

The company produces men's boots and shoes, screwed and stitched and staple welted.

Directors: Mr. W. B. Walker (managing) and Mr. T. G. Walker

Walker and Gunn Ltd., Higham Ferrers.

Founded by the late Ald. Frank Walker, J.P., as a partnership in 1917 with the late Mr. Frank Gunn, and made a private limited company in 1921. Mr. Donald F, E. Walker, present chairman and managing director and son of the founder, is responsible for sales.

Production consists of quality shoes for men and women, warm-lined boots and bootees, and hand-made sandals.

Directors: Mr. Donald F. E. Walker (chairman and managing), Mr. B. W. Garley, Mr. E. Abbott (secretary).

Wellingborough Boot and Shoe Manufacturing Co. Ltd., Herriotts Lane, Wellingborough.

The company has been in business for about 80 years and is  one  of the oldest in the town. Their sports footwear is sent to all parts of the world. Production covers  cricket boots, including those for Test players, football boots styled by John Charles, rugby boots, cycling shoes, running shoes and boxing boots.

Directors:  Mr. A. J.  Rowe (chairman), Miss N.  M. Sharp, Mr. S. R. Warren.

White and Co. (Earls Barton) Ltd., Progress Works, Earls Barton.

Mr. Walter White left his uncle's employment in 1883 at the age of 18 to start business on his own account, and shortly afterwards was joined by two brothers, Alfred and Ernest. In 1890 the business of White and Co. was formed, bringing in the two other brothers, Arthur and Frank. A limited company was formed in 1938.

Men's Goodyear welted shoes and sandals, nature-form sandals and safety footwear are produced.

Directors: Mr. C.  G. White (managing), Mr. W. P. White, Mr. F. E. White, Mr. H. White, Mr. B. Miller. Mr. D. F. White (sales).

John White Footwear Holdings Ltd., Higham Ferrers. (Incorporating John White Footwear Ltd., and John White Impregnable Boots Ltd.)

Founded by Mr. John White in 1919, the business has developed to such an extent that it now has an output of approx. 3,000,000 pairs of shoes a year. In addition to the extensive home demand, John White footwear is exported to no fewer than 72 overseas territories, and the John White signature has become known in practically every market in the world. Mr. John White, the chairman and managing director, was in 1950 elected an Honorary Freeman of Higham Ferrers in recognition of his outstanding services to the Borough.

Wholesale and Export Shoe Co. Ltd., Station Road, Irchester.

Formed in 1915 by the late Mr. C. A. K. Green, who was elected chairman and held the position until his death in 1947. In 1929 the company became a sub­sidiary of William Green and Son (Grenson) Ltd. On the death of Mr. C. A. K. Green, Mr. C. W. S. Green was elected chairman.

Footwear produced is men's medium to better grade welted. Directors:  Mr. C. W. S. Green (chairman and managing) and Mr T. K. Green, Mr. H. F. Pinnock and Mrs. Green.

Transcribed by Kay Collins 2007
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