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Messrs. Saxby and Bates

Rushden Echo, 17th October 1919, transcribed by Kay Collins

Presentation—Councillor J. Bates, who for 20 years has been on the staff at Messrs. Charles Parker’s Factory is leaving the firm to start in business with Councillor R. Saxby, as curriers, under the title of Messrs. Saxby and Bates, with premises in Lawton-road, Rushden. On leaving Messrs. Parker’s a beautiful silver fruit basket was presented to Mr. Bates, with the following letter: “Dear Mr. Bates.—The members of the staff of Charles Parker ask your acceptance of the accompanying fruit basket as a token of their esteem and regard. They recall the many years during which you have shared with them the trials and difficulties incidental to our industry, and it is with regret they realise that you have decided to sever this long and pleasant relationship, but they assure you that you carry away their very best wishes for your future health and prosperity. Wishing you every success in your new business career, yours faithfully. Edward Parker (signed on behalf of the staff).”

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