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From information supplied by Margaret Gross (nee Radburne)
Radburne & Bennett Ltd.

Radburne & Bennett letter head 1926 map
A letter head

Radburne & Bennett's

Trade stand at Earls Court
Trade stand at Earls Court
John William Radburne was son of William & Martha who kept a haberdashery at 151 High Street and he was born there in 1879.

In partnership with Mr J Bennett they began trading in leather from a small factory at 27 Victoria Road, in February 1910
and, after serious consideration, off Irchester Road, which they moved into on November 1st 1915. (yellow on the plan above - later Strong & Fisher's)

(see plan above)During the depression in the late 1920s, Mr Bennett decided to leave the partnership, and being unable to raise funds to buy out his partner, the company closed and they sold the premises to Strong & Fisher who continued to trade in the leathers.

Keeping the trading name of Radburne & Bennett, John went into a new partnership in 1928 with a Danish company “Fresko” who made adhesives for the leather trade [solution] and “Walther” who made machinery. They built a new workshop in Graveley Street where they made the solutions and they traded with other shoemaking centres in England, notably in Norwich and Street. (pink on the plan above)

John married Elizabeth and they had two daughters, Margaret and Elsie who were born in Wellingborough Road. When John’s parents died the family moved to 151 High Street. The garden went down to the brook, quite near to the swimming pool where they learned to swim.

Sydney Green and his wife were godparents to Margaret, and Elizabeth Radburne was godmother to their daughter Patricia. Margaret went to Wellingborough School with Patricia and her sister Josephine Green.

J W Radburne c1912
This caricature was drawn at an Earls Court Trade Fair.
J W Radburne c1948

“Cro-Mac” was a type of composite sole material which sometimes left black marks on floors.

blotter 1935
An advertising blotter given away at the Shoe & Leather Fair in 1935

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