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Nurrish & Pallett
This company changed its title several times:
Nurrish & Flawn - Nurrish & Pallett - Nurrish, Pallett & Co - Nurrish, Nurrish & Pallett.

North Street Shrine - right is Shirley Road and Nurrish & Pallett's factory c1917
Wellingborough News, 20th May 1887, transcribed by Kay Collins

Workmen’s Tea—On Saturday evening last the employees and friends of Mr. J. Nurrish, machine closer, were invited to partake of tea at his residence in Alfred-street. About 50 responded to the invitation and partook of the hospitality of Mr. and Mrs. Nurrish in the workshop, which has been lately enlarged and a thoroughly enjoyable evening was spent.

Rushden Echo, 3rd January 1908, transcribed by Kay Collins

The Employees of Messrs Nurrish and Pallett’s closing department had a social in the Co-operative Hall on Friday. Tea was provided about 70 attending. The evening was spent in amusements, songs and recitations being given by Miss L. Causebrook, Miss Fletton, Miss N. Cowley, Mr. T. Burfield, Mr. West, Mr. Powell, Mr. Holyoak, and Mr. Surridge. Mr. W. J. Barker presided. Refreshments were served by Mrs. E. Shrives, Miss Causebrook, Miss Cross, Mrs. Morris, Miss Powell, Miss Goosey, Miss Partridge, and Mrs. Richards.

Works outing 1909
The Rushden Echo, 31st December 1909, transcribed by Kay Collins

The Employees of Messrs. Nurrish and Pallett held a tea and social in the Co-operative Hall last night, organised by Mr and Mrs Shrives. The hall was nicely decorated with Chinese lanterns, flags, and many evergreens. A very enjoyable evening was spent.

Rushden Argus, 4th June 1915, transcribed by Kay Collins

Serious Accident - Caught in Shafting at Rushden
Mr. E. Lockie, metal worker, of Newton-road, Rushden, had a very severe accident on Thursday morning. He was working in Messrs. Nurrish and Pallett's factory, Rushden, near the shafting, about 8 a.m., when he was caught by a big driving belt. He sustained a severe scalp wound, and Dr. Baker was sent for. The doctor, assisted by Mr. Smith and Mr. Farmer, took the injured man to his home in the doctor's car and there attended him. Three stitches were necessary, and the patient remained unconscious for a considerable time. At the time of writing he was as comfortable as could be expected.

Rushden Echo, 19th November 1915, transcribed by Kay Collins

Rushden Man Misses his “Rushden Echo”
Former Special Constable in France

Gunner A. Downing (Rushden), of the R.F.A., in a letter to his wife says that the chaps are short of news where he is in France, and that a “Rushden Echo” would be welcome. Gunner Downing, who prior to joining the colours was a member of the Rushden and district special constabulary, enlisted only eight weeks ago and is now in France. He had been an employee of Messrs. Nurrish and Pallett for 17 years.

Rushden Echo, 15th September 1916, transcribed by Kay Collins

AccidentMiss Ada Reynolds, of 14, Washbrook-road, got her right thumb badly crushed whilst working a blocking machine at Messrs. Nurrish and Pallett’s factory on Monday.

Extract from a newsclip: Pte. Attley was employed at Messrs. Nurrish and Pallett’s shoe factory, Rushden, for two or three years before the war. We understand that over 50 out of 100 male employees of that firm have joined the forces.

Rushden Echo, 11th July 1919, transcribed by Kay Collins

A presentation of a smokers’ cabinet was made by the employees of Messrs. Nurrish and Pallett to Mr. Dilks, who is leaving the firm after ten years in their service to start a business of his own. Mr. A. James made the presentation on behalf of his fellow-workers. Mr. Dilks replied in suitable terms.

Rhoda Mole and workmate Rhoda has her coat on
Rhoda Annie Mole on the right
Rhoda front right c1923
Taking a break
These three pictures were taken at Nurrish & Pallett's factory.
If you can add more names, please contact us.
Rushden Echo and Argus, 18th March 1932, transcribed by Kay Collins

Nurrish & Pallett Ltd

In a circular letter to their customers, Messrs. Nurrish and Pallett Ltd., Shirley Park Works, Rushden, announce that on and after March 25th the business is being transferred to the premises of Messrs. F. Wright and Co., Carey-street, Kettering, in order to effect economies in administration. The firms have been connected for some time past. This step means the complete closing down of the Rushden factory, and about ninety operatives received notice last Friday.

In 1970 the factory was taken on by Johnson Haynes who came here from Northampton. In 1998 they shared with BHS Patterns and Pressknives. In 2004 Johnson Haynes went into liquidation.
name plate
The name plate
The factory in 2009.

If you have a catalogue, an advert or a photograph of this firm we'd be grateful to take a copy.

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