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Written and surveyed by Jamie N Elliot, (aged about 12) c1981

Benjamin Ladds

Jamie's text
Mr B Ladds
Mr Benjamin Ladds

Benjamin Ladds was born December 17th 1868. When he was 23 years old he had a factory built at 33/35 Moor Road, Rushden, Northamptonshire. The Factory was called ‘Ladds Shoe Manufacturers’. Benjamin Ladds married in 1894 to Ida E Selby, daughter of the late James Selby, of Oakham, Rutland. With Ida he had two sons and three daughters. When he married he was approx 26 years old, and was son of John Ladds.

Benjamin lived in the house next-door (to the factory) which was called ‘Bournvilla’. The house and the factory were built in 1891. The house had a small passage that led from the second floor of the house to the second floor of the factory. The front door of the factory was eight feet high, not like normal doors. Earlier this year about Feb/Mar the factory caught on fire. No one knows how it caught alight but it burnt very well; the house didn’t catch alight but parts of the factory had to be pulled down because it was dangerous, such as the triangular piece of roof over the top bay window, and parts of the walls had to be pulled down at the back too. Now the house and factory have been pulled down altogether. The land is due for redevelopment – of flats for old people.

I have an office chair found in Ladds' car park, and my uncle had the five stained glass windows from the first floor windows of the factory.

Factory front
Front of the factory 3 storeys high and basement - 35 Moor Road built in 1891
'Bournvilla' 33 Moor Road where Benjamin brought up his family
North side from Mrs Facey's garden
showing extension far right
south view
car park
South view - from Miss Miller's garden
View of car park - next to house
Main gate leads to west entrance at back

back way
rear of the factory
Back entrance in Wellingborough road
Rear of factory from the north west
north view
rear of house and factory
North view taken through hole in gates from Moor Road
North east view of rear of factory and house

The fire in 1976
the fire after the fire
North east view of the factory and house
East view of the factory
Two Evening Telegraph photographs 1976 - included in Jamie's file

A model of the factory frontage
Window panel from B Ladds' factory
One of the window panels from B Ladds Factory, with bullion from a small opening light, rescued from the derelict factory after the fire. Clive Wood, Jamie's uncle, incorporated these into his house, The Vyne, built in 1989.
Jamie also asked his uncle to make a pottery model of the factory. He insisted the chute for shoe boxes to be sent down, when loading the lorry, be included.

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