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Denton's - Xmas

The Rushden Echo and Argus, 23rd December, 1949

Hung with Christmas decorations the closing room of Messrs. B. Denton and Son’s
factory at Rushden has been specially photographed for copies to be sent to
Australia – acknowledgment of the 325 tins of ham received for the whole of
the firm’s employees from Messrs. Bedggood and Co. Ltd., of Melbourne.

Christmas in the Closing Room at Denton’s 1949
(a copy was in the newspaper - see above)

Some workers are holding tins of Mayfair ham or fruit, perhaps from Australia.
The lady with the hat (centre) is Mrs Grace Holly Harbour (nee Coker)

1 Frank Brown, 2 Ruby Hardwick, 3 Heather Higgins, 4 Daisy Green

Denton's Works Party at the Windmill - Xmas 1953

The girls are (left) Tina Hudson and Margaret Bugby (who sent us the pictures - from Australia)

Marked are: 1 Mrs. Hudson, 2 Ivy Wheeler, 3 Ethel Bugby (nee Higgins)

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