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Rushden Echo, 13th September 1912
Rushden group of Torontoites

group in 1912
(l-r):- Mr. Geo Hatfield, Mr Reg Scholes, Mr Ernest Campion, and Mr Fred Darnell.
seated: Mr Thos Dickens, Mr Stanley King, and Mr Wm Harris.
another group

We have received the following interesting letter accompanying the photographs reproduced above.


Dear Mr Editor,

We noticed in your paper, which by the way reaches us every week, a photo of an old Rushden group of Torontoites, and thought that possibly the group we are enclosing might interest some of your readers. They were taken in the park during one of our Sunday morning strolls.

The top group (l-r) are:- Mr. Geo Hatfield, of the Street Railway Co., Mr Reg Scholes, of T Eaton Co., Mr Ernest Campion, who is in business as a butcher, and Mr Fred Darnell, T Eaton Co.,; seated, Mr Thos Dickens, Street Railway Co., Mr Stanley King, butcher, and Mr Wm Harris, of the Canadian Pacific Railway Co.

Included in the other group will be recognised Mr Jack Sharp, also a butcher, who was formerly a crack cycle rider of Rushden and district. All are doing well and do not regret having left the old town for this country, which offers such splendid opportunities to the young people with brains and enterprise, although, of course, we are always interested in the affairs of Rushden and look forward to our “Rushden Echo” every week.

This year we are looking forward to the biggest harvest in the whole history of Canada, which, of course, will mean increased prosperity in every line of business. Winnipeg is increasing by leaps and bounds, and enormous buildings are springing up in all parts of the city. The building permits for the present year now stand at nearly 5,000,000 dollars.

Of course, we only form quite a small portion of the Rushdenites here. There are quite a number now, and they are increasing all the time. It would be quite an uncommon occurrence to walk down the main street any evening and not meet an old towner. Well, Mr. Editor, we think we have trespassed on your valuable space quite sufficient for this time, so conclude with greetings from

The Boys of the Prairie City.

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