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Rushden Echo & Argus, 16th March 1945
Miss Eileen Rennie
Rushden Bride in America - Crossed Atlantic for her Wedding

First Rushden War bride to cross Atlantic for her wedding was Miss Eileen Rennie, who in 1941 was chosen as Air Force Queen in connection with Rushden’s charity carnival.

Miss Eileen Rennie
Twenty-years-old only child of Mr. and Mrs. D. Rennie, 19 Upper Park-avenue, Rushden, she arrived in the United States last week and was married on Saturday top Lt. R. V. Pelleriti, U.S.A.A.F., of Waltham, Mass, the ceremony taking place at Waltham.

A cable announcing that the wedding had taken place arrived on Monday.

Lt. Pelleriti served in this country with a Bomber Group, and regulations precluded him from marrying while engaged en missions It was hoped that the wedding would take place here, after he had completed his 35th mission, but the opportunity went by when, in Janu­ary, he was transferred immediately to the States The American au­thorities, however, took a kindly interest in the romance and arranged a sea passage for the bride as soon as possible.

After their wedding Lt. and Mrs. Pelleriti flew to Atlantic City for a honeymoon.

The bride attended Harrow House School, London, and came to Rushden with her parents a few years before the war. She worked in the office of Messrs. P.X., Ltd., served during the war as a voluntary mem­ber of the N.F.S., and became well-known in Rushden as a piano-accordion player at war charity con­certs, appearing on one occasion at the Ritz. Her husband spent eight months in England.

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