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Rushden Echo, 6th August 1909, transcribed by Kay Collins
Perkins Family - delayed
S.S. Oswestry Grange Disabled
Rushden and Swineshead Families Aboard

The families of Messrs W.H., C., and G. Perkins, who recently left this district to go to Australia, have been delayed on their journey by the disabling of their ship, the Oswestry Grange. Mr. G. Perkins, in a letter to the “Rushden Echo,” says: “We left London about 7p.m. on Wednesday, July 28th, and on the following morning the pilot took three stowaways with him. In the afternoon it was very cold and we had to put on our overcoats. The sea and wind continually got rougher as the day wore on and in the early morning we were awoken by a rattling noise caused by the lowering of the anchor, which was again weighed. Most of the passengers dressed and went on deck and learned that something had gone wrong. The propeller was broken and shaft twisted, so we had turned round and were making for Portsmouth, which we reached about 7a.m. Everyone was in good spirits, the sun shone and the sea was calmer, and we could see people on shore. The pilot and insurance agent with the captain, who had been ashore some hours, came aboard and gave orders to get to Southampton as soon as possible. We arrived there about 8a.m., and the journey was most interesting, passing through the lines of the home fleet, which was drawn up for the King’s review. There were about 150 battleships, cruisers, submarines, etc. We left the boat next day at 5a.m., and were driven to the emigration hotels, afterwards being transferred to private apartments, as the insurance company are allowing 3s. a day for adults. The vessel was got into dry dock on Wednesday, August 4th. They had been unloading her since Saturday, night and day, with full staff of men. We expect to go aboard again on the 11th or 12th. None of the passengers look any the worse for the extra holiday. The question is often asked what difference is there in berth and menu. None whatever: by all means get assisted passage if possible.

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