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Rushden Echo & Argus, 21st July 1944, transcribed by Kay Collins
Death of Mr F Perkins
Ex-Rushden Man – Emigrant to Australia

News reaches us from Mr W H Clark, a former Rushden resident, now of Wondai, Queensland, Australia, of the death in Australia of Mr Frederick Perkins. Mr Perkins, a native of Podington, was quite young when he moved to Rushden. He worked in the boot and shoe industry in the town. Mr Perkins married Miss Sarah Ellen George and in 1910 they emigrated to Queensland as oversea settlers going direct to Wondai. For a time Mr Perkins was employed in a mill and later he moved to his own “selection” where he established his home.

In the early days of Baptist history where Mr Perkins lived, he was a regular worshipper, thought he did not take an active part in church management.

Mr and Mrs F Perkins went away to Kingaroy last April for a change, staying with their son and daughter-in-law. While there Mr Perkins contracted a chill which had serious developments and he died before a doctor could arrive. He was 73 years of age.

Mr W H Clark, who sends us the news, is a native of Rushden and is the eldest son of Mr and Mrs J C Clark, also of Rushden, who left their home town in 1910, “nominated” to Australia by the late Mr W H Perkins (brother of Mr Frederick Perkins), who died about seven years ago. Mr W H Perkins was at one time a boot manufacturer in Station-road, Rushden, giving up to go to Australia.

One note in Mr Clark’s letter will be much appreciated by Rushdenites everywhere is as follows: “We Rushdenites all hold dearly to the traditions of our home town and in this oversea settlement mingle together as one big family. We rejoice that Rushden has played such a noble part in the great war effort and when the post-war period is ushered in, we hope she will share in all the benefits of a just and righteous peace.”

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