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Rushden Echo & Argus, 31st July 1942, transcribed by Kay Collins
Mr. "Freddie" Panter
Killed by a Bull
Old Rushden Cricketer’s Death in Canada

Considered by many good judges to be the best fast bowler who ever played for Rushden Town C.C., Mr. “Freddie” Panter has died in Canada under tragic circumstance. He was killed by a bull during a severe thunderstorm and was found two hours afterwards in a bush.

More than 30 years ago Mr. Panter was classed as one of the best bowlers in Northamptonshire and on his day he could be unplayable with his swinging left-arm deliveries. He could throw a cricket ball 100 yards, and his colleagues often persuaded him to demonstrate his prowess in this line. Twenty-eight years ago he left Rushden for Canada and 14 years ago his wife passed away. He has been interred by his wife’s side at Toronto.

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