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Rushden Argus, 8th October 1915, transcribed by Kay Collins
John Jackson
Death at Sea - Rushden Man's Sudden End

An extremely sad and painful incident just been reported in Rushden. We refer to the death at sea of Mr. T. Jackson, a former resident of Hayway Rushden. Mr. Jackson left Rushden for Canada four years ago, and two years later Mrs. Jackson and family followed. Since last Christmas Mr. Jackson's health had caused great anxiety, and he had to consult a doctor. At length the doctor at Brandon (where deceased resided) advised him to return home, as the sea voyage and his native air would do him good. Mr. and Mrs. Jackson set sail for England on board the S.S. Corinthian bringing a young son with them, and leaving five children behind. Misfortune soon overtook them, for at seven p.m. on September 28th Mr. Jackson died from heart failure, a trouble which was complicated by the fact that his wife was taken very ill.

On the following day, when the ship was off the Spanish coast, a burial service was held, and the body was committed to the deep. A lady who had crossed the Atlantic five times told the widow that, she had not attended so beautiful a burial service at sea before.

On Tuesday night Mrs. Jackson arrived at Rushden, where she was met by her daughter, Mrs. W. Dickens, of Orchard-place, to whom she broke the distressing news.

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