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Rushden Echo & Argus, 3rd September 1937, transcribed by Kay Collins
Mr. J. E. Baxter

Rushden Man Meets Many Old Friends in Canada
Back from Toronto

Mr. J. E. Baxter, of 13 Midland-road, Rushden, has returned from a visit to Canada to see his sister, Mrs. Sarah Litchfield, formerly of Higham Ferrers, who has been there for thirty years. During his stay in Toronto Mr. Baxter met many Rushden and Higham people, all of whom testify to the popularity of the “Rushden Echo and Argus” out there.

Leaving Rushden on April 23, Mr. Baxter was on the boat during the Coronation celebrations, and Coronation Day was marked by the passing of a large iceberg near to the boat. Through delay by icebergs and fog Montreal was reached two days late, after a journey of 1,000 miles up to St. Lawrence River, amid beautiful scenery.

At Toronto, a busy city of 885,000 inhabitants and many beautiful buildings, Mr. Baxter met many old friends, including Mrs. Cunnington, formerly Miss Ginns, of Rushden, and her sister Miss E. Ginns, Mrs. Knott, formerly Miss Grace Clark (daughter of Mr. Chas. Clark, Rushden), who has a beautiful summer residence at Bola, Ontario, Mr. E. Long, of Rushden, and Mr. Charles Hatfield. Walking in one of Toronto’s main thoroughfares, he was also surprised to meet Mr. and Mrs. Robert Marriott, who are on holiday in Canada.

Mr. Baxter travelled over 3,000 miles in Canada alone, visiting several of the principal cities, the Niagara Falls, and Callander, Ontario, where he saw the famous Dionne Quintuplets. At Hamilton, Ontario, he met Mr. and Mrs. Rowney, formerly of Rushden. Leaving Toronto on August 17, he arrived home on the 25th, after a splendid crossing, and brought back his brother-in-law, Mr. W. Litchfield, who has lived in Canada for thirty years, for a holiday.

Mr. Lichfield was last home sixteen years ago, staying with his step-brother, Mr. Wilby, of Higham Ferrers. He was impressed by the alterations in both Rushden and Higham Ferrers.

Mr. Lichfield informed our representative that he has received the “Rushden Echo” and the “Echo and Argus” ever since he has resided in Canada.

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