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Images sent in by Sally Hyde, 2013
Hyde Family
William and Elizabeth c1914
James Hyde was the son of William Hyde who was an agricultural Labourer in Ecton, and Rachel James. She had had 5 children 4 to William, Sarah Beatrice, James, Elizabeth and William. (She had already one son Andrew James when she married William. Andrew James always kept that name, and didn't change it to Hyde.) Rachel died in 1883 from TB she was 44.

William married again after the death of Rachel to Elizabeth Brierton in 1888. The photo I include is of William and Elizabeth. I guess they are in their 60’s or 70’s. William died in 1919 at the age of 77 years. Elizabeth died in 1930 at the age of 81. William and Elizabeth had one child who died in infancy.

Leanna Hyde James Hyde

James Hyde 1869 – 1934

Leanna Driver 1860 – 1929

Phillip James Hyde 1903 – 1965

Violet Hirons 1905 - 1973
Leanna (nee Driver)

Quotes from my Dad (James Hyde junior, son of Philip) about James Hyde senior (his grandfather):-

“he was born of humble parents living in Ecton, when young he walked to Rushden, probably working in a shoe factory, later started a cobbling shop with a friend. He used to walk to Ecton courting Leanna who was a cook in the big house there, when they married they lived in a small terraced house in Rushden with William Driver, Leanna's young brother. James Hyde was an honest, well-respected business man in Rushden. He was managing director of the firm James Hyde Ltd, director of JW Moir and Co., a member of the advisory committee of Rushden, Higham Ferres, Irthlingborough Boot and Shoe Manufacturers' Association, and a director of the Rushden Conservative Club.”

Violet Hyde, my gran, said to James Hyde, my Dad, - “mother always said James Hyde was fussy about his appearance and they always dressed smartly and in fashion.”

In their car
James & Leanna with children Gerard & Ethel c1906

wedding 1922
Ethel Hyde and Reginald W Miller wedding 1922: left to right - James Hyde,
Dudley Brown and Florrie Hyde, Ethel and Reginald W Miller, ?,
Louisa Hyde (standing) and Leanna Hyde nee Driver (seated)
wedding 1925
Wedding 1925 - Gerard William Hyde and Cissy E Willmot
Back row: 3rd is Phillip James Hyde
Standing: left is Violet Hirons, then James Hyde
Seated: 2nd Leanna Hyde nee Driver

cricket 1918
Cricket photo 1918: Seated on the ground bottom left leaning against a seated young man is Phillip James Hyde. He looks about 15 years old so the date would be c1918.

Gerard William Hyde and Cissy E Willmot
Gerard William Hyde and Cissy E Willmot Wedding 1925

more of the family
l to r: Marion Hyde, Sam West, Raisey ?, James Hyde,
Violet Hyde nee Hirons, Philip James Hyde,
Florence West nee Hyde, John Phillip Hyde (Johnny Hyde)
John and his daughters
John Philip Hyde's caps
John Hyde

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