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Robert Green, Darwin, Australia, 2012
Green Family
An Albury newsclip, 1964
“We never expected anything like this” exclaimed a surprised and excited British family at their new home in North street, Albury, yesterday.

The family — Mr Douglas Green, his wife Barbara and their four children —is the first to be brought to Australia by the Albury Baptist Church under their “Bring Out a Briton” scheme.

The Greens in 1964
1964 - From Left to Right

Robert, Barbara, Andrew, Douglas, Rev. G. M. Wade, Pauline and Heather (front)

On arrival at Albury airport they were taken to their home to find a hot meal awaiting them, the home furnished and the cupboards stocked with food.
“Everyone has been so helpful and friendly towards us,” said Mrs Green, obviously excited at the prospects in this new land.

Only four hours after landing at Albury Mr Green, a painter and decorator in England, had been found a job with a local painting firm by the Rev. G. M. Wade, of Albury Baptist Church.

The cleanliness of the countryside and the large meals eaten by Australians were the main features imprinted on the family’s minds.

Flying from England to Australia was a new experience for the family — they had not travelled by air before.

Mr Green is quite enthusiastic about his new home, his new job and the future of his family.

“I feel there is plenty of scope to better ourselves here,” he said, “especially the youngsters.”

Pauline, the eldest child, will be seeking a job in Albury, but the other children will be attending school.

The household reached the peak of its excitement yesterday afternoon when the two boys rushed into the house to announce that growing in the backyard were LEMONS.

Not one member of the family had ever seen a lemon tree before.

Before coming to Australia Mr Green was given some sound advice by an Australian who visited England.

Firstly, he was told that if he knew nothing about Australian football “then don’t comment” and also if he was in Sydney he should praise Sydney, and if he was in Melbourne “run Sydney down.”

Mr Green said he was not interested in sport, “but the boys are.”

My father Douglas Stewart Green (37), and mother Barbara Joan (nee Walker, 37), and their children, Robert Stephen (12), Andrew David (11), Pauline Hazel (16) and Heather Joyce (4), emigrated to Australia in 1964, sponsored by Rushden Baptist Church & Albury Baptist Church Australia. Harry Green was my grandfather, and his son Francis was my uncle.

I went to South End school along with my sister Pauline, and we brought a 1958 school photograph with us, here to Australia.

Harry Green was my grandfather, but I didn't know him, but I remember Granny Green's ice-cream! Their son Francis Cecil Green was my uncle.

Dad died in 1995 aged 68, and Mum in 1998 aged 71, Andrew in 1998 aged 71, Pauline in 2001, leaving three sons and one daughter, and Heather died in 2007 aged 46, leaving 3 sons and one daughter. I am the sole surviving member of this family, age 61, and a BACHELOR.

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