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Rushden Echo, 10th May 1912
Former Rushden Men Now in Canada
Making Headway in Canada

Former Rushden Men Now in Canada
An Interesting Group

We have received the following letter, with photograph, from a group of old Rushdenites:-

To the Editor of the Rushden Echo.

Dear Sir,—Please find enclosed a photograph of Rushdenites, we are sending this, thinking it may interest you and your readers.

A few weeks ago this party met at the home of Mr. Harry George, of Wychwood, Toronto, for the purpose of bidding farewell to Mr. Ralph Linnett, also to have a picture taken as a memento of the occasion. Some of the group have only recently left the old land and are easily recognised, while others will be remembered as well-known Russians some four or five years ago.

Perhaps it might further the interest if we state the nature of employment we are following. “Hatchy” our genial host on this auspicious occasion, is holding a responsible position with a large growing concern, The General Leather Co.

Sid George and Edgar Drage are also engaged at the same firm.

Messrs. George Britton, Steve Page, Fred Lickerish, Danny Penn, and Herbert Turney are following their old occupation in the shoe trade.

Walter Stapleton holds a good position with Flett Loundes and Co., makers of high class ladies’ handbags and belts.

Bill Adams is equally fortunate in having a good position with the Gas Consumers’ Co.

Arthur Linnett, the latest arrival, has found employment in his own trade, painting, etc., so you will see each one is kept busy.

Ralph Linnett you will easily recognise, as he was with you a short time ago. He has now left Toronto for his old haunts in British Columbia, looking none the worse for his trip to the mother land. We might mention that although so far away we still retain our interest in Rushden matters and often meet at one home or another for a social chat to talk of old times and discuss the present state of affairs. Football, cricket, boxing, etc., are all sifted at these gatherings and considerable interest is being taken in the career of Jack Harrison who, we hope, may carry the belt to the old town.

“The Rushden Echo” is a weekly guest and is considered one of the family. Like the new immigrant, each one is welcomed with the glad hand, pumped for news on arrival. No, we cannot forget dear old Rushden and equally dear old friends, to whom we send our kind regards through the medium of your valuable paper.

Your truly,

P.S.—This photograph was taken by Mr. H. Stevenson, late of Kettering.

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