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Rushden Echo, 3rd April 1914, transcribed by Kay Collins
Presentation to Mr Chas Ashby
Rushden Temperance Prize Band – Honour their Retiring Secretary
Presentation to Mr Chas Ashby
Members and friends of the Rushden Temperance band assembled in the Alfred-street schools, Rushden, on Wednesday to say goodbye to Mr and Mrs Chas Ashby, who left Rushden yesterday for Blackpool. Mt John Claridge, J.P., C.C., presided and said that Mr Ashby was one of the oldest and most respected members of the Band, and had rendered splendid service. He had been a member for 28 years and secretary for 21 years, and the duties had been discharged in a most efficient manner. (Applause) The bandsmen wished to acknowledge those services by presenting an illuminated and suitably framed address. Mr Ashby had adhered most faithfully to the temperance principles upon which the Band had been formed. (Applause) Thanks to the loyal adherence to his duties by Mr Ashby, the position of the band was now much better than it was some years ago. Bandsmen had given loyal assistance to Mr Ashby, who had been one of the mainstays of the organisation. He had enhanced its musical status to a very high position, not only in the county but in the country. On behalf of the members and friends, he asked Mr Ashby to accept an illuminated address, a medal won at Belle Vue, and a cornet won at the Crystal Palace, and they all hoped Mr and Mrs Ashby would live long and prosper in their new venture and that the memory of Rushden would always be pleasant. (Applause)

The address was as follows:-

To Mr Charles Ashby

We, the members of the Rushden temperance Silver Prize Band, beg to ask your acceptance of the accompanying presentation as a mark of our high appreciation of the excellent work you have done for the Band during the last 21 years as its Secretary. We feel that the high position and the great success which the Band has achieved are in a very large measure the result of your devoted and enthusiastic service.

On your leaving Rushden we desire to express our earnest hope for your future health and prosperity, and we associate the name of Mrs Ashby in our good wishes.

On behalf of the Subscribers,
John Claridge, president,
Fred Robinson, Conductor,
Bernard Smith, Bandmaster,
William Noble, Secretary,
March 20th 1914.

The address, which was beautifully illuminated and nicely framed, was supplied by the “Rushden Echo.”

In response, Mr Ashby said he was very grateful and no words of his would express his thanks to them for the kindness they had shown to Mrs Ashby and himself. Since he had been connected with the band he had only been beaten by the Bandmaster (Mr B Smith) and had seen many changes. He had received great assistance from the committee, who had given him almost a free hand and had worked loyally with him. He also had to thank his employer who had also been very willing to assist by giving him the use of the telephone, etc. Much of the credit was also due to Mrs Ashby. Had it not been for the condition of his health he would not have left the town. He could scarcely thank them enough for the handsome presents—they far exceed any expectations of his. He should treasure them as long as he lived. It was a pleasure to him to know he was leaving the band in good hands. With reference to his principles, he urged the bandsmen to stick to their temperance principles, to pay attention to the conductor, and give the same loyal support to his successor as they had to himself. He had every confidence that they would carry on the good work and meet with success wherever they went. If he heard that they had won one of the great championships no one would be more delighted than he.

Present to Mrs Ashby

Mr B Fox (an old member of the band) presented Mrs Ashby with a splendid silver-mounted hair brush and comb, and spoke of the personal friendship between himself and Mr and Mrs Ashby. He looked upon them as being amongst his greatest friends. He was pleased to know that the band was now improving financially. (Applause)

Mrs Ashby replied.

Mr Smith (bandmaster), Mr T C Clarke (a vice-president), and several of the bandsmen associated themselves with the good wishes expressed.

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