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Temperance Band

Annual Reports

Wellingborough & Kettering News, December 10th, 1881, transcribed by Kay Collins

TEMPERANCE BAND—The annual meeting of the Rushden Temperance Band was held on Saturday last, Mr. W. Skinner, bandmaster, presiding. The Chairman said it was always a pleasure to meet the band, and he congratulated them upon the good feeling which prevailed, and the efficient service tendered by the committee in transacting the business of the band. He hoped they might be as successful in the coming year as they had been in the year just past. The balance-sheet showed that the receipts for the year had been £32 14s. 1d., while the expenditure amounted to £30 12s. The other business was to revise the rules and elect officers for the year. C. White was elected secretary and F. Knight, treasurer. The meeting terminated with the usual vote of thanks.

Wellingborough News, 18th November 1882, transcribed by Kay Collins

TEMPERANCE BAND—The annual meeting of the band was held on Saturday evening; Mr. K. Warren presided. After acknowledging the honour paid him by asking him to preside over the meeting, he called upon the secretary (Mr. C. White) to read the report; which was as follows:— "In presenting this report we can congratulate ourselves on the satisfactory condition of the band, though in reference to financial matters I have to report a deficit; yet, remembering the heavy expenditure during the year, which amounts to upwards of £37, and having received upwards of £32, I think we have reason to be satisfied with the year's proceedings. During the year we have had 10 join the band, while on the other hand the same number have retired. Though the loss of some was felt very much for a time, and seemed almost irreparable, yet others have filled their places, and to-day the Rushden Temperance Band is as strong, if not stronger, than it has been at any period since its formation, nine years ago. Further, we have the satisfaction to report the amalgamation of the Temperance Society and Band. For a long time there had been feelings of discontent among the members of the Society and band, but arrangements are now made whereby the Society can always rely upon the services of the band, and I feel sure that this union will prove beneficial both to the Society and the band. We have given open-air concerts, which have been well attended, and we have had an increase of engagements, showing, I think, that there is a growing interest taken in the band both out and at home. Last April we canvassed the village, and were successful in enrolling 32 honorary members. I am sure I am expressing the sentiments of the band when I say that we feel very grateful to those gentlemen who have so kindly assisted us. Respecting the contest at Stanwick, we were not so successful as we should have liked to have been, but taking into consideration the bands we had to compete with, and the position we obtained, I think we may say that though defeated we were not disgraced." The secretary's report and financial statement being adopted, the following were elected officers for the year: Mr. C. White, re-elected as secretary; Mr. W. Knight, as treasurer; and Messrs. Bandy, Robinson, Knight, Skinner, and Brightwell, as the committee. It was also resolved to adopt the plan of the bands in some of the towns, viz., that they play in different parts of the village on Saturday evenings before Christmas, instead of being out all night on Christmas Eve as they had been accustomed to do. A vote of thanks to the Chairman and to Canon Barker for the use of the room, brought the best meeting ever held by the band to a close.

Rushden Echo & Argus, 22nd January 1932, transcribed by Kay Collins

Temperance Band—The Rushden Temperance Band has had a most successful year and encouraging reports are expected to be presented at the forthcoming annual meeting which is arranged to be held at the Alfred-street School on Wednesday next.

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