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Building a Bungalow in 1958
These documents refer to the building of a semi-detached bungalow in 1958.

The plan below is for the right-hand bungalow of a pair in Barker Close. The plot of land cost £220 and the building cost was £1,675. A deposit was paid in June 1958, and a letter in July told of an addition due to increased labour costs of £12.10s, with a further wage award of 1d per hour, another £1.4s. was added in February, when the build was completed. The bungalow had been paid for by three installments: October 1958 £385, December 1958 £750, and January 1959 £375.

In January 1959 the couple placed an order for their furniture - a sideboard, table and four chairs, bookcase in "sepia" and settee and two easy chairs, and two wardrobes in "natural oak" and a bed for the first bedroom, and 2½ years later they furinshed the second bedroom.

Invoice for building The plans
The invoice for building a semidetached 2 bedroom bungalow in 1958

 Two Gramshaw's invoices - tell us they opened a new store at 70 Higham Road in 1959/60
Invoice for lounge & first bedroom furniture Invoice to furnish the second bedroom
January 1958 for lounge and one bedroom
July 1960 for the second bedroom

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