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Park Avenue Estate

Plan of layout

The Rushden Echo and Argus, 11th September 1931, transcribed by Jim Hollis

New Housing Estate for Rushden
“Park Avenue” to be Constructed - Interesting Scheme by Local Firm

An interesting scheme for the development of a new residential estate in Rushden lies behind the announcement that the Rushden Urban Council has approved a plan for the construction of a new road, off Wellingborough-road, for Messrs. Arthur Sanders, Ltd., builders of Coffee Tavern Lane, Rushden.

The road, on which work will shortly be commenced, will be at right angles to Wellingborough-road, which it will join between the Masonic Hall and St. Peter’s Vicarage. It will be about a 1,000ft in length, extending to the hedge at that distance from the main road.

The attractive name of “Park Avenue” has already been selected for the new road, which will be 22 feet in width, with footpaths, each nine feet wide, on either side.

The firm has purchased the whole of the necessary land, and the development of the estate will proceed gradually. Plots of building land, each about 110 feet deep, and having about 30 feet frontage to the road will be for sale on either side. It is emphasised that the estate is to be entirely residential in character and no shops of any description will be permitted. All houses will be of either the detached or semi-detached type.

The road surface which will follow to a large extent the contours of the land, will not be, by any means, a scheme which will mean the employment of a large number of men, as there will be no large scale operations. Some excavation will be required at the Wellingborough-road end through the steep bank at that part, to allow the road to have a gradual slope.

The Rushden Echo and Argus, 10th March, 1933, transcribed by Gill Hollis

Arthur Sanders, Ltd.,
Building Contractors, Rushden

Park Avenue in 1933
Do you recognise the setting of this photograph?  Perhaps you do or maybe you haven’t been there.

The saying that photos cannot lie is amplified by this one, which shows a portion of Rushden’s Newest Estate:

Park Avenue Building Estate

To realise to the fullest the advantages that the estate provides, demands a personal visit, and arrangements can be made for those interested to be shown the various types of modern detached or semi-detached houses erected, or in course of erection.

A wide choice of well built, roomy and up-to-date houses, at the most reasonable cost may be made, each house being adequately fenced and paved, and separate system of drainage included, also all road charges and outside paths.

Inside arrangements include many labour-saving devices, plenty of light, no waste space and Clients decide their own decorative scheme if required.

Which is Your Type?

 n most cases Garage accommodation is provided at the side of the house, with provision for drive-in and pair of gates.

Electric lighting, gas and wireless installations are part of the Contract, and the fitting up of domestic heating (either gas or electric) can be arranged to suit purchaser.

The accommodation that the estate affords is adequate for about 200 houses, each house having a front and back garden space.

An effort is made to introduce as many varieties of houses as possible to avoid the possibility of monotony of design.  May we solicit your interest in houses and submit a design with specification and estimate?  We are able to arrange loans with any of the well-known building societies and could submit an accurate scale of repayments over an agreed number of years.

Our business is to do business with you and in doing so, give satisfaction in our endeavours.  Call or write to Arthur Sanders, Ltd., Rushden, or 'phone 121 for all particulars.

Rushden Echo & Argus, 13th May 1932

Park Avenue Building Estate

Attractive – Modern – Well Built Detached
Semi-Detached Houses

Are now Being Erected on this Estate

Designs and Estimates submitted for complete Houses, including all
charges for Land, Road, etc., with
Gas and Water services laid on,
Separate Drainage, Electric Lighting, Fences and Entrance Paths.

Agreement signed in September 1933 between Mr Ernest Gaunt of London Road, Raunds and Arthur Sanders Ltd
For £955. 0. 0. “in consideration of the Erection of House (but exclusive of land), in accordance with the Plans deposited and approved by the Rushden Urban Council” so Mr Gaunt must have bought the land and probably had his own plans drawn up for the property.

Note: Ernest Gaunt was a hairdresser. He began trading in Rushden at 180 Wellingborough Road, in about 1931 but he had moved to 152 by 1936. He lived at 35 Park Avenue.

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