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Kelly's Directory 1854

BAILEY George Griggs Rev. (Baptist)  
BAKER Eleanor Mrs  
BOLTON Thomas Mr  
DOWNE George Edward Rev. M.A.  
SARGEAUNT Charles Esquire  
SARTORIS Frederick U Esquire, Hall  
SMITH Eliza Mrs  
SMITH Mary Mrs  
STURGESS Sophia Miss  
DOWNE George Edward Rev. M.A., rector Church
DRAWBRIDGE Charles Rev, Minister Baptist (Calvinist)
BAILEY George Griggs Rev, Minister Baptist Chapel
BAKER Henry shopkeeper & beer retailer  
BAYES Joseph mason  
BOLTON George rush matting manufacturer  
BRIMLEY Sarah Mrs, farmer  
CHAPMAN Thomas woolstapler & beer retailer  
CHETTLE Joseph draper  
CLARK William carpenter  
COLSON Thomas wholesale boot & shoe manufactory  
CORBY John beer retailer  
CURTIS John wheelwright  
DARNELL Frederick butcher  
DARNELL James S butcher  
DAY George farmer  
DENTON Benjamin leather seller & shoe manufacturer  
DICKENS Daniel farmer  
FACEY George Coach & Horses & tailor  
FACEY William blacksmith  
FOSKETT Mary Ann Mrs, shopkeeper  
FISHER Nicholas farmer  
GREEN Joseph miller  
GROSS John farmer  
HEWITT James watch & clock maker  
KNIGHT John broker  
KNIGHT Joseph grocer & baker  
KNIGHT Samuel carpenter  
LAUGHTON Thomas farmer  
LEWIS Charles blacksmith  
LENTON Henry cornfactor  
LILLY Thomas wholesale boot & shoe manufacturer  
LINNITT John farmer  
LINNITT William grocer & baker  
MADDOCK Whitbread boot & shoe maker  
MARGETS Thomas mason  
MASON Michael farmer & maltster  
MOORE Thomas miller  
PACKWOOD George tailor & druggist  
PACKWOOD Joseph parish clerk  
PACKWOOD Thomas postmaster  
PARKER Josiah grocer  
PASILOW Richard wheelwright & beer retailer  
PERKINS George boot & shoe maker  
PRESLAND William druggist  
RADBURNE & Son grocers & drapers  
RICE Daniel Wheatsheaf  
RICE William farmer  
ROBERTS Griffith farmer  
ROBINSON John corn dealer & grazier  
ROOKSBY Walter farmer  
ROOTHAM James baker  
SHARP Daniel leather cutter  
SHERWOOD William boot & shoe maker  
SKINNER Morris grocer  
SKINNER George butcher  
SMITH John boot & shoe manufacturer  
SMITH William tailor  
SOAMES James farmer  
STEVENS John cattle dealer  
SYKES Owen butcher  
TAILBY George wheelwright  
TIRRELL Samuel blacksmith  
WHITTING Morris Waggon & Horses  
WILLIS Thompson farmer  
WILLS Samuel shoe manufacturer  
WOOD James carrier  
WRIGHT William baker  

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