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Kelly's Directory 1898 - Residents

ADNITT Herbert     High Street
ALLEBONE Augustus     Midland Road
ASHDOWNE Joseph Wykes   Union Bank House  
BAKER Herbert Stainer LRCP   Church Street
BAYES Charles     Griffith Street
BLUNT John R Rev, curate   Wellingborough Road
BRADFIELD Charles Luther     Newton Road
BRAWN John     Park Road
BRAWN William Horace     Victoria Road
BURROWS Marshall Victor     Manton Road
CAVE Amos     Higham Road
CAVE Arthur     Kimbolton Road
CAVE Frederick   Ormidale  
CAVE John   Rushden Cottage  
CAVE Paul     Higham Road
CHILDS Amos     Crabb Street
CLARIDGE Ebenezer     North Street
CLARIDGE John     Wellingborough Road
CLARK John   Heatherbree  
CLARKE William     Moor Road
CLARKE William junior   Moor Road
CORBY Frederick     Griffith Street
CRICK Nathan     Queen Street
CUNNINGTON Charles     Wellingborough Road
CUNNINGTON Isaac     Park Road
CUNNINGTON Mrs     Griffith Street
CUNNINGTON Thomas     Park Road
CURRIE Mrs   Rushden House  
DENTON George   Eastfields  
FILLINGHAM Albert Lee Rev, Wesleyan   Park Road
FREEMAN Edward Joseph     High Street
FRY Herbert Kersley Rev, curate The Rectory  
GARNAR Martin     Griffith Street
GREEN Charles A K     Crabb Street
GREEN William     High Street
GROOME George Henry   Hazelwood  
HEWITT William senior   Wellingborough Road
HEWITT William junior   Wellingborough Road
HEYGATE Frank Lowick     Griffith Street
HORRELL Charles William     Fitzwilliam Street
HYDE James     Glassbrook Road
JAQUES James   The Laurels  
KARN Sidney T   Bank House High Street
KNIGHT Fred   The Old Rectory  
KNIGHT Harry     Higham Road
KNIGHT James     Higham Road
KNIGHT William Cumberland     Park Road
LADDS Benjamin     Moor Road
LAWRENCE Charles     Grove Road
MADIN William B CE   Irchester Road
MARRIOTT Robert     Higham Road
MASON George Stewart     Hayway
MASON John Smith     Kimbolton Road
MASON Mrs     Kimbolton Road
MORSE Wallace Ransom Rev, MA The Rectory  
NEWMAN Frank     Hayway
NOBLE Frederick  
Moor Road
NORMAN Frederick     Griffith Street
NURRISH William     Victoria Road
OWEN Charles Richard   Highfield House  
PALLETT Samuel Arthur     Shirley Park
PARKIN Matthew Edward Rev, Congregational   Griffith Street
PATENALL Thomas     Higham Road
PATENALL William Alfred     North Street
PERKINS George   North Cottage North Street
PRESTON Frederick Edward     Park Road
SANDERS William     Hayway
SANDERS Thomas   Prospect House Higham Road
SARGENT Walter     Crabb Street
SARTORIS Mrs   Rushden Hall  
SAUNDERS Charles     Park Road
SKINNER George     Park Road
SKINNER Samuel     Wellingborough Road
SMITH William Wilson   Leamington House  
STEVEN John Crowder     High Street
WEST Thomas William     Griffith Street
WILKINS William Henry     High Street
WILMOTT Thomas     Wellingborough Road
WRIGHTON Ebenezer     Grove Road

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