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Roy Darnell opened a ladies' hairdressing salon in Church Street, before moving to a purpose
built salon at 2 St Mary's Avenue in the 1960s. A further extension in 1977 added a beauty
salon above and it was renamed "The Pamper Room".

The new salon advert
Above: Roy's new salon, built in the 1960s, before the second storey was added in 1977 and it became the Pamper Room. The picture above is from a photograph of the floods outside the Lightstrung Garage.
1977 advert
left and above - adverts from 1977

Northamptonshire and Bedfordshire Life September 1977, transcribed by Susan Manton

Roy’s Pamper Room at Rushden

Life begins at the new Pamper Room! Or perhaps it would be truer to say that a feeling of well being, beauty and health can be obtained here with the help of a sauna, body massage, deep cleanse, manicure, pedicure and depilation for the removal of superfluous hair on the face and body.

These are the services regularly used by women of all ages at the Pamper Room, Beauty Salon, Rushden. Not forgetting the hair cutting and styling team who work constantly at new ideas for discerning clients.

When Roy retired it was bought by Headland Property Management, who specialised in overseas property.
'Mike Neville Estate Agents’ moved into this property in 2004.

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