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Old Shops of the High Street
1930s - 1950s

Some of the postcards of High Street shops that we have copied.
We have little information but what is found in the Trade Directories.

2 Church St & 13 High Street
late 1930s - Southam's & Robinson's left - Wills' right
No 2 Church Street and 13 High Street in the 1950s
G A Saxby pork butcher traded at no. 63 - opposite the Succoth Church.
Potted beef, pork dripping and faggots were some of the favourites!
Co-op Permanent Building Society sign left, Thomas' newsagents and ladies hairdresser, Lloyds Bank and the Railway Inn.

Swart, Colton & Co-op Yorks Travel House

Yorks Travel were at 106 High Street.

J G Swart - optician had a clock used by all
High Street visitors to keep an eye on the time.

Next door Colton's shoe shop. They later moved to a larger shop at the corner of Victoria Road.

At No. 100 is a Co-op - Pharmacy, which had been previously kept by William Wright.

Payne's at 112 High Street
Sydney J W Payne - Confectioner & Pastry Cook
He traded here from 1922 to 1939 at 112 High Street, and
came from Kettering where his father, also a baker, traded.
Sydney was noted for his pork pies and wedding cakes.
M Tomalin & Son (left) were dyers at 85 High Street from about 1914
into the 1940s, next is Currys (1927) Ltd, cycle makers at 87 High Street.
The largest blind on the right is on Liptons Grocers.

1950s 1960s
Flavell Hart (left) in the 1950s - Courtesy of Clive Wood
and in the 1960s

Fosters, Knight & Son, Superspot

Central High Street c1957
left: Peacocks, Northampton Town & County Building Society, and a bus stop
right: the blind is at Liptons Grocers , next to the bus stop outside the Independent Wesleyan Church. Traffic if running both ways, so pre 1959!

High Street Traders - news

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