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Highfield Baptist Church

The Rushden Echo, 6th December 1968, transcribed by Jim Hollis

Restoration of Church may Cost £10,000

Proposed restoration work to St. Mary’s Church, Rushden, could cost about £10,000, a spokesman for the parochial church council said this week.

work starts
Work starts
Scaffolding has recently been built on the south side of the tower but the whole of the tower has to be restored in the next six years.

A churchwarden said that the first part of the work will cost in the region of £1,700 and the complete restoration of the tower, which will be finished by 1974 will cost around about £10,000.

Recently, through corrosion of iron lacer rods in the belfry windows, portions of the stone mullions have collapsed. The parochial church council decided to carry out the work required to the south elevation in conjunction with work required to the belfry windows.

The major portions of ironstone quoins are being renovated and replaced with Guiting stone.

“This is of a much sounder texture. Although lighter in colour it will in a few years tone down to match the existing stone,” he said.

The iron rods in the belfry windows are being replaced with delta bronze rods. One flying buttress is being rebuilt and copper clamps inserted against the old iron clamps.

Services will continue to be held in the church even though repairs will be taking place. There is no danger to the congregation, he added.

The bells have not been rung for the past three weeks because of the repairs, but ringing will start again today.

By strange coincidence the dates for this restoration to the tower – 1968 to 1974 – are exactly 100 years after the last major restoration to the church in 1868 – 1874.

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