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Highfield Baptist Church

The Rushden Echo, 29th April 1966, transcribed by Jim Hollis

New church to be built in 1967?

Members of the congregation of Rushden Highfield Baptist Church saw plans and a model of the new Baptist Church which is to be erected in Highfield Road at a special meeting in the church. The new church is likely to cost in the region of £11,000, and there is a strong possibility of its being built next year.

The church will replace the old hall in Highfield Road which will be used for special meetings and activities. Over 700 houses are planned and under construction in the Highfield Road area, and further development is envisaged to the south west joining Highfield with the Wymington Estate.

Open Baptistry

Highfield is the only free church on the estate, and stands at a strategic point near the centre. There are no resident ordained clergy in the area apart from the minister, the Rev. D. T. Price.

The church will seat over 150, and will be under-floor heated. The floor will be laid in parquet style. Special features will be an open baptistery, and an off-centre pulpit dividing the baptistery from the communion table. This is to symbolise the word of God and the two sacraments.

plan model
Plan & model of the new building


Cedar wood panels, divided by rafters, will form the ceiling and the church is to be built in a square shape to give a “family atmosphere.”

The church already has £2,400 in hand towards the cost of the new building; £3,000 has been promised and there is an interest free loan of £500, and a gift from Park Road Baptist Church of £1,000, making a total of £6,900.

In addition to the church itself, to be built between the existing church and the Baptist Manse, the new unit will also provide for a vestry, a minister’s vestry, a study for the minister – accessible from the Manse – and entrance hall and cloakroom.

Mr. Price said the disadvantage of the present building was that it had to be used for all purposes and the week’s activities caused a great deal of dust. There was no baptistery, and the noise from the side rooms interrupted church services.

The present building was erected as an all-purpose hall and was not originally intended as a church. It is anticipated that the new church will be completed in about six months from the time when work starts.

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