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1937-38 Programme, transcribed by Greville Watson
Highfield Men's Fireside
Baptist Hall
Highfield Road, Rushden

Every Thursday, 7.45 p.m.

The  Men's Fireside Group (date unknown)
The Men's Fireside Group (date unknown)

Session 1937-38

President : Rev. T. W. Gill Hon. Sec. and Treas. : Edwin A. Clark,
St. Margaret's Ave.,
Chairman : Geo. S. Green
Musical Sec. : E. Perkins Report Sec. : W. H. L. Margetts

Sep 30 Mr. H. L. Hemmens, London, National Secretary B.L.M.M. Adventures in Comradeship 132
Oct 7 Rev. T. W. Gill, President The Psychology of the Crowd 129
14 Rt. Hon. F. O. Roberts, MP, JP Quotations and Comments 164
21 Dr. K. Fisher, PhD, Oundle, Principle Oundle School Education and the Moulding of Manhood 190
28 Wing-Commander A. W. H. James, MP Politics and the Moulding of Manhood 170
Nov 4 Representative of the Fellowship of Reconciliation, London Pacifism and the Moulding of Manhood 167
11 Mr Colin Croall, MBE, Northampton War and the Moulding of Manhood 179
18 Musical Evening Rushden Adult School Choir & Rushden Mission Band 172
25 Councillor John White Industry and the Moulding of Manhood 155
Dec 2 Annual Meeting and Supper 132
9 Mr. T. C. Percival Unemployment and the Moulding of Manhood 67
12 "Fireside Sunday." Evening Service, 6pm Conducted by Members c.75
16 Free Cinema Show By the courtesy of L.M.S. Railway Co., Ltd. 144
23 Miss Grace Webb The Cinderellas of Industry 93
30 Coun. W. A. B. Leach, Northampton How John Chinaman Celebrates the New Year 65
Jan 6 Anniversary and Social Open to Ladies 170
( Miss Janet Bassett-Lowke, R.L.S.S., A.S.A.
13 Discussion : - ( Miss Vivian Bassett-Lowke Sport for Health 151
( Swimming Rep., British Empire Games, 1934
20 Mr. J. W. Haggard, N.U.K.A., Nottingham The Problem of Thirst 137
27 Miss M. J. Pink, Kettering The Beginning of Things 120
Feb 3 Rev. P. Barwell Spriggs The Artistic Sense and the Moulding of Manhood 119
10 Representative of the Indus. Health Education Society, London Teeth in Relation to Health 105
17 Musical Evening Arr. by Musical Secretary 129
24 Mr. Richard Coppock, London, Nat. Sec. N.F.B.T.O. Trade Unionism and the Moulding of Manhood 118
Mar 3 Rev. J. W. Tuffley, London, Nat. Sec. Brotherhood Movement Brotherhood 121
10 Coun. Mrs A. A. Adams, Northampton Women and the Moulding of Manhood 98
17 Mr. Norman Appling, London Among the Down-and-Outs on the Thames Embankment 115
24 Mr. Percy Wallis, Kettering Finance and Exchange 105
31 Mr. C. F. Lawrence, Horticultural Superintendent, N.C.C.
Education Committee
Gardening 122
Apr 7 Rev. L. Ewart, Earls Barton Religion and the Moulding of Manhood 113
14 Mr. Geo. S. Green, Chairman In Conclusion 100

Our Aim :
Unconditional Brotherhood and Mutual Cultural Advancement.

The Fireside Hymn.

Rejoice with voices blending,
Uphold our fireside cause:
Spread fellowship as brothers,
Held close by friendship's laws.
Deny all selfish action,
Encourage truth and right,
Neath Christian standards living,
Help us all evils fight.

Intensify our knowledge,
Give all a listening ear,
Help us to help each other,
For fellowship is dear.
Inspire all noble action;
Encourage helpful thought,
Let us in all our gatherings
Desire the best be sought.

For we are Christian brothers
In these our fireside ties,
Raising in good discussion
Each thought that in us lies.
So let us be right loyal
In meeting every week,
Desiring by our fellowship
Each others good to seek.

W. Vincent.

Rushden Echo, 6th February 1948, transcribed by Kay Collins

He Gives Talk Every Season

Rushden Highfield Men’s Fireside held its annual service at the Baptist Hall on Sunday evening. A welcome was extended to the members by Sister Freda (deaconess) and one of the most popular visitors – he is the only speaker regularly to address a meeting every season since its inception – Mr. W. A. B. Leach, of Northampton, preached and conducted the service.

A large congregation attended and Mr. W. Vincent was the organist.

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