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Full Gospel Church
The Church began in 1933

The Full Gospel Church in 2010 - it was built in 1937
The Church in 2001 - in High Street South

In December 1936 plans were put forward to build in Station Road, on land beyond the railway stables, and next to the Council Yard, for the Full Gospel Church. It was actually built opposite Duck Street junction, in Wellingborough Road. [near the old ambulance station and the old swimming pool]
side elevation
front original proposed site
Notes taken from plans

The main hall was to be 40 feet long by 23ft 6ins. wide, with a vestry of 10 feet depth beyond, with two WCs, coke store and boiler room at the rear. The plot was 29 feet wide and 80 feet long. There were five windows in each side of the building, and it was to be constructed by T Swindall & Sons.

The church was built in 1937 when Pastor Whitehouse was the minister. A new frontage was added in 1986.

Rushden Echo & Argus, 1st October 1937, transcribed by Kay Collins

New Rushden Church
Full Gospel Cause That Began With a Mission

The opening of the new Full Gospel Church in Wellingborough-road, Rushden, on Saturday, will establish an important landmark in the history of a movement whose growth has been rapid.

Although the Full Gospel Church has no definite founder, Pastor Squire, who will open the doors of the new hall, is a pioneer of the movement, which originally began with the amalgamation of isolated undenominational churches with the same beliefs, who invited sympathisers to a conference at Birmingham about thirty years ago. There are now churches all over the world, 400 being in this country, and 250 ministers in the British Isles alone. The churches are all self-supporting and self-governing, there being no central governing body.

The movement in Rushden began in 1933 with evangelistic and divine healing meetings at the Windmill Hall, conducted by Pastor Squire. Paston and Mrs. Whitehouse then took over the work, and had a difficult task, owing to the fact that they had no definite meeting place, A room in Cleaver’s Chambers, in the High-street, was eventually secured, and it is there that the pioneer work has continued. Pastor Whitehouse was formerly in the Methodist ministry.

Cleaver's Chambers
Door to Cleaver's Chambers (left) at 36 High Street
in 1973 when George Street Corner was demolished.
The climbing of 44 steps to their place of worship was a great hardship to some of the older members, and in June this year the land for a new church was purchased at the corner of St. Marys’-avenue and Wellingboro-rd, the contract being given to Messrs. T. Swindall and Sons.

Visitors from Coventry, Bedford, Northampton and Peterborough will be among those present at the opening, and the Rev. E. E. Bromage will represent the Free Church Council, to which the Full Gospel Church now belongs. Mr. Whitehouse has been promised the use of the Independent Wesleyan Schoolroom for any overflow.

1944 advert
Rushden Echo & Argus,
10th March 1944 - advert
Rushden Echo & Argus, 30th April 1948, transcribed by Kay Collins

Rushden Is Friendly

(To the Editor)
Sir,—Writing as a new resident in Rushden, I feel I must record my appreciation of the kindness and co-operation my family and I have received as newcomers.

Members of the Church of which I am happy to be the minister, fellow ministers in the town, shopkeepers and the public utility services, to say nothing of neighbours and acquaintances, have shown a most cordial spirit, for which we are most grateful.

We can easily understand how "at home" those evacuated from Walthamstow (from which town we came) must have felt during the war and, in some cases, how loth to return to London.

We shall try to reciprocate this friendliness wherever possible and wish the town every highest blessing.

Sincerely yours,
Geo. E. Holmes,
Minister, Full Gospel Church, Wellingborough Rd., Rushden.

Rushden Echo & Argus, 2nd February 1951, transcribed by Kay Collins

Rushden Pastor's New Book
The author of "Behind the Study Door" and "O Come, let us Adore Him"—Pastor George Holmes, of the Full Gospel Church, Rushden—has now had his third book published. It is entitled "As Thy Days."

This latest work is in the form of daily readings and meditations from the Book of the Revelation. It does not try to offer an explanation or a commentary of the Scripture, but rather is it intended for devotional reading day by day.

The thirty chapters deal with "The Coming of Christ," "The Reward of Faithfulness," "The Glory of God" and "The Eternal State.''

Each of the chapters has a special verse for the day, a reading from the Book of Revelation, and a prayer in conclusion.

The book is in the Daily Portion series and will be on sale at 3s. 6d.

Evening Telegraph, Tuesday, March 18, 1986

Young Dig In To Aid Church
Sunday school pupils made sure the new extension to their Full Gospel Church in Rushden is built on a firm foundation by carrying out some of the spadework.

The youngsters have been contributing spare pennies over the past year to a fund for improvements to their church — and were invited to dig the first trench at a special ceremony on Sunday.

The £15,000 extension, to be built with a loan from the Assemblies of God Property Trust, will modernise the front of the church and will also provide new toilets. The old toilets will be converted into a vestry.

Mr Littlewood (left) helps the children get down to some spadework.
Pastor David Littlewood said: "The modernisation will better cater for young families with young children, who now form a large part of our congregation. Over the past year the Sunday school pupils have been donating their spare pennies to the building fund completely voluntarily and so we thought it appropriate that they should start the project." The church has a regular congregation of about 60.

The Church moved into the old South End School in High Street South in 2001. The building is now a private house.

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