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Midland Railway War Memorial
Erected at Derby by the Company to the memory of the 2,833 brave men of the
Midland Railway who gave their lives in the Great War 1914-1919.
It was unveiled on Thursday December 15th 1921 at 11.45am, and was located at what was the Headquarters of the Company at Derby.

The MemorialThe memorial takes the form of a Cenotaph 31 feet high, which is surmounted by sarcophagus, upon which is laid to rest the figure of a fighting man, and is flanked by wing walls terminated by bastions 10 feet high, and enclosed by low seats. There were 2,833 employees who died.

The memorial bears in large letters the following inscription:-

“To the brave men of the Midland Railway who gave their lives in the Great War”

and placed within laurel wreaths in the Midland Company’s coat of arms. On the walls, bastions, and podium, are engraved the names of all the Midland men who gave their lives in the Great Cause, either on land, on the sea, or when engaged in the air service.

The memorial has been designed by and erected by and erected under the personal supervision of Sir Edwin L. Lutyens, R.A., the eminent architect, who also designed the National Memorial erected in Westminster, near the Houses of Parliament. His design expresses the triumphant end of the war, as well as the sadness and sorrow it entailed, and is intended to embody the whole meaning of those troubled years which have bequeathed to us the memory of so many good lives lost and stout hearts which no longer beat. It marks the victory which crowned their whole efforts, and the pride with which the Midland Company can truly affirm – “Our men did not a little to that end.”

Not all relatives were invited to the opening, instead a booklet was sent to the relatives.

These five are listed as working at Rushden Station.
Private J. J. Atthews

Northants Regiment

Position: Drayman
Department: Goods
Station: Rushden

Private J. C. Boddington

Northants Regiment

Position: Porter
Department: Goods
Station: Rushden

Private J. Hancock

Northants Regiment

Position: Porter
Department: Goods
Station: Rushden

Private A. J. Parnwell

Northants Regiment

Position: Porter
Department: Goods
Station: Rushden

Pte Arthur Ward

Notts & Derby Regiment

Position: Clerk
Department: Traffic
Station: Rushden

After further research into Rushden War Memorial Men we find that these men also worked on the railway before enlistment in WWI.
Mole, Frederick G
sidings porter
at Traffic Coaching, Pleasley DBY
Marlow, Lionel Bertie
goods checker
at Rushden
Needham, William M
railway worker
at Rushden

Rushden Echo, 28th January 1916
Midland Railway
Higham Ferrers and Rushden Staff
Roll of Honour
Men who have given their lives for their King and Country:
Atthews  J J  Drayman
Hancock  J Porter
Warren  W Porter
Onion  E Porter
Men on active service for their King and Country:
Adams  E J Porter
Ansell  A Drayman
Boddington  J C Porter
Boyce  H Drayman
Boyce  F Drayman
Dickens  W E Machineman
Ford  H Porter
Gray  B Clerk
Hodgkins  W Drayman
Lincoln  B Vanman
Marlow  L Checker
Neal  W Acting Checker
Needham  W Platelayer
Parnwell  A J Porter
Pettitt  E Platelayer
Shortland  F Platelayer
Wildman  D Porter
Men who have offered their services through Lord Derby's system:
Ansell  F Yardman
Axten  H R Station Porter
Barsby  J T Drayman
Biggs  C G Porter Signalman
Boltz H Clerk
Brown W Station Porter
Chambers G A Clerk
Cross E T Clerk
Davies J Porter Signalman
Goode T Station Porter
Ottewell C C Clerk
Perkins W H Drayman
Richards E. A

Station Porter

Reynolds J H


Waplington J W


Ward A S


Weale A T


Wright B


Wright F E


Anderson R H


Baker G


Gore J H

Machine man

Gore W


Hales G


Horne H M


Stacey W


Creditable as is the above list, it is not exhaustive.

Station Porter
Mr E Cross - 1917

Rushden Echo, 16th April 1915, transcribed by Kay Collins

Rushden Man - A Prisoner in Germany

Private W Perry, who formerly worked at the Rushden M.R. Station, of the 2nd Suffolk Regiment, is a prisoner of war at Sennelager, Germany. He has written to his friend, Mr H Boyce, acknowledging cigarettes and postcards which Mr Boyce has sent to him. He says he received the parcel quite safely.

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