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Transcribed by Gordon Cox, from a postcard loaned by Eric Fowell
Independent Wesleyan Church
& Sunday School
1918 Roll of Honour

Since we first copied this, we have been loaned a postcard copy on which several names
are annotated. Those marked D are discharged, P are prisoners and K are killed in action.

  Fred King  
Frank Clayton     Arthur Cox
  Fred Lawson
Thomas Denton   Rennie Smith
  Edgar Wright
F C Willmott  D Wilfred Smith
  Harry Weekley
Rennie Crick   W T Knight
  Horace Weekley
Sydney Ashby  K C Checksfield
  Percy Bridgeman
Harry F Jaques   Fred Hales
  George H Ward
Horace Denton   Bert Button
  Herbert C Cross
Yalden Smith   Sam Smith
  Jesse R Cross
Montague Smith   John S Willmott
  Alfred Watson
Albert Adams   Reg Caswell
  William Burgess
George Adams   Cecil Caswell
Horace Gilbert
Percy Thew   Reg Thew
  Fred Long
William Ager   Herbert H Sharman
 P Walter Long
Sydney Sibley   Ewart C Smith
  Thomas Long
Jack Willis  P Sydney H Sharman
 D Frank Long
Ralph Neal   Harry Plummer
 K Henry Cowley
Albert Jolley   Bertram Coleman
  Walter Watson
Arthur Perkins   Cyril Allen
  Alec Smith
Herbert Bates   Ivan Allen
  Sidney Ashley
Herbert Crane   Edgar Leeding
  Thomas Swindall
Ernest Houghton  K Arthur Odell
  Fredk Swindall
William Ambridge   Arthur Childs
  Herbert Swindall
Thomas Litchfield   Horace Sanders
  Donald Denton
Thomas P Guthridge   Robt Denton
  Harry Denton
Frank Ainge   Herbert Crick
  John P Denton
Leonard Groome   Walter Denton
  William H Denton
Leonard Brawn   Harry Crick
  John Smith
John Hall   Bert Fensome
 K Dennis Denton
Horace Blackwell   Edgar Burfield
  Ralph Smith
Walter Wooding   Fred Parker
  Harry Maddams
Herbert Ellis   William Caswell
  William Elmer
Charles Boyce   John Willmott
  Frank Elmer
George Linger   Alec Skinner
  Harry Elmer
Hermon Taylor   William Whitehead
  Chas Maddams
Fredk Willmott   Lindsay Clipson
  Ted Maddams
Percy Patenall  K Frank Parker
  Frank Maddams
Reginald Bromage   Fredk Elmer
  George Cook
Arthur Willmott   Frank Smith
  Albert Allen
John Pettit   Cecil Adams
  Jesse Clayton
R Billington   Fred Tye
  William Pack
Kenneth Webb   J S Brown
  Horace Pendered
Fredk Hooton   Ernest Allen
  Harold Pendered
Walter J Ager   Miss Winnie Clipson
  Fred Pendered
Arthur Hooton   Miss Annie Brudinall
  Walter Timpson
Edgar Parsons   Miss Mabel Tye
  Raymond Cooper
Walter Pack   Arthur Long
  Fredk Groome
William Adams   Howard Tye
 D Sidney Groome
Thomas Mason   Sydney Hodgkins
  Spencer Allen
Cecil Mason   Percy Button
  C Edward Allen
Charles Mason   Ernest Billingham
  Raymond Tye
Arthur Pentelow   Ernest Tomlin
  Frank Robinson
Ernest Denton   Walt Smith
 D Ernest Hodgkins
Archie Ette   Leonard Chettle
  Henry Parker
Ernest Cross   Sidney Chettle
  William Jaques
Ernest Ainge   Ernest Everard
  William Wrighton
Robert Noble   W Parker
  Leonard Bailey
Archie Smith   Alec Swindall
 D Oliver Cowell
Ralph Brown   Frank Tye
 K Harry H Knight
George Pettit   Harry Wright
  William Willis
Herbert Parker   Bert Chettle
 D Reg Draper
Fredk Tomlin   George Hasledene
  Fredk Whiting
Horace Ladds   Walter Sawford
 K William Smith
Charles Elmer   Wm Whiting
 K Howard Mantle
Lewis Knibbs   Fred Knight
 K Edmund Holte
Horace G Houghton   Arthur C Walker
  Leonard Townsend
H H Bailey   Jos Smith
  William Harbour
Bert Timpson  K Albt E Willmott
  Eddie Harbour
C K Groome   H E Allen
 K Roland Harbour            

 Rushden Echo, 30th November 1917, transcribed by Gill Hollis

The Independent Wesleyan Roll of Honour contains the names of three ladies, one of whom is in the Women’s Army Auxiliary Corps and two of whom are engaged in hospital work.

From a facsimilie by Gordon Cox
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