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Rolls of Honour

Wesleyan Roll of Honour - postcard

We don't have any details of a Roll of Honour at the Baptist Church but the 1917 memorial service and this note at the end of an article. "The church lost 42 men in the first war and 17 in the second."
Rushden Argus, 11th December 1914, transcribed by Kay Collins

Roll of Honour

Mr J Claridge suggested the Council should compile a Roll of Honour of Rushden men who were serving their King and Country in the present war. The names to be placed in the Council Chamber. (Applause)—Mr Perkins said the schools had been asked to do a similar thing, and there was a danger of over-lapping and missing names out, unless it was done from a central body like the Council.—It was ultimately decided that Messrs. Clipson, Claridge, Perkins, and Bazeley form a committee to deal with the matter.

Rushden Echo, 14th April 1916, transcribed by Kay Collins

Rushden Lads’ Appeal to the Rector of St Mary’s
Proposed Memorial Service for Fallen Soldiers
Touching Letter from The Front

To the Editor of the “Rushden Echo”

The Rectory, Rushden.

Dear Sir,—I should be much obliged if you would kindly give publicity to the following letter, which I have received from a number of our lads now serving at the front. You will see from the letter that I have no other means of replying to it except through your columns. The letter is as follows:

To the Rev. P. Robson.

Dear Sir,—Just a little introduction. We are four Rushden fellows in the Northamptonshire Regiment. Of course, you know that we have lost a terrible lot in all the Battalions during this cruel, but just and holy war, a number amongst them being Rushden men, and young fellows. We read some time ago of a memorial service held at St. Mary’s Church for the R.W.F.’s and Herefords who fell in action at the Dardanelles, and we are writing these few lines asking you if you could possibly and kindly arrange another service for the men who have fallen in action, and who have so gallantly upheld the honour of the Northamptonshire Regiment. We shall look forward to the “Rushden Echo” every week until we read an account of the service. Trusting and hoping we shall not be disappointed,

We remain,
Yours sincerely,
Four or Five “Steelbacks.”

I at once hasten to reply to this nicely worded, rather touching appeal. I shall be only too glad to hold such a service and I am grateful to these lads for suggesting it. I believe it will be a comfort not only to them, but to all at home who are mourning the loss of some soldier.

I propose to hold the memorial service on the Sunday after Easter.

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