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The Railway Station - R.H.T.S.
poster The railway branch line opened on 1st September 1893 for goods and mineral traffic, and a passenger service began and the first train ran from Higham Ferrers on 1st May 1894.

The regular passenger service ceased in June 1959, and in 1964 the holiday specials ended.

The goods service soon followed and then the demolition of the bridge over the High Street came in 1973, leaving the station to fall into dereliction.

Poster for the opening

An early postcard of the Railway Station. The bridge for pedestrians was a short cut
for many from the north end of town to get to work or the shops.

The Rushden Historical Transport Society began in 1976 and in 1979 held its first Cavalcade in Hall Park. In 1984 the group secured a lease from the County Council for the old station, but just three years later a threat of demolition hung over it. After a struggle to save it, the station was purchased in 1996 as their headquarters, and, after vigourous fundraising, they made the final payment in 2003. More fundraising and much hard work by some of the members saw full refurbishment of the building.

The following year re-arrangements were made to the site when the link road plan was passed. The old station is now a superb museum and club for the members to enjoy.

The station in 1965
This photograph is dated 1965 when it was a goods only line

Courtesy of Jon Anton

The series of photgraphs below were taken by Peter Fensom from November 2003 to 2005, showing some of the refurbishments taking place, and the road alterations that saw the old coal office demolished.

Courtesy of the late Colin Bryant's Collection
The footbridge between Station Road and Shirley Road was much used for walking between Rushden and Higham.
Elephants at the Railway Station in the 1950's.
The Circus was in town!

The old coal office was demolished in 2004 for the road alterations when the new link road was built.

All materials were carefully saved for repairs to the main building.

the old coal office
The Coal Office operated by the Co-op
In WWII it was used as an ARP post

Whilst the road works were going on
the volunteers were reorganising the
whole of their area.

The extensive stable accommodation once needed
The Goods Shed before the link road cut through the station
Photos courtesy of the late Colin Bryant's Collection

Stationmaster's house
This house at the end of High Street, was originally built
for the railway as the Stationmaster's residence.
In the 1960s it became the offices of Ellis & Everard.

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