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Railway - Staff Gallery
Photographs of various events in date order

Edgar Chappell on the right in the 1920s

 These four pictures are courtesy of Tony Bull
Retirement of Arthur Chambers
Retirement of Arthur Chambers at Christmas 1947

Back row: Sid Boxall, Charlie Struggles, ? Smith, Albert Peak, Mr Pruden, Joyce Tester

Middle row: Harry Langham, Charlie Davis, Winnie Adams

Front row: Mr Maloney, Arthur Chambers, Bob Brown

C 1950
C 1950

Back row: Harry Langham, ?, Charlie Struggles, Sid Boxall, Joyce Tester,
Bob Graham, Winnie Adams, Tony Bull

Front row: Brian Smith, Arthur Chamber, Mr Pruden, Mr Malloney, Mr Peake,
Charlie Davis, Brian Martin.

Retirement of Albert Peake
Retirement of Albert Peake, goods yard foreman, 1952
On the steps to the goods department

Back row: Cyril Smith, Norman Seabrook, Brian Denton

Second row: Harry Langham, Shirley Palmer, Harry Frost

Third row: Brian Martin, Bill Rich, Jack Didcote, Ron Nurrish

Fourth row: George Hales, Bill Wright, Sid Edwards, Jim King

Front row: Pauline Tearle with Ginger, Mr Maloney, Albert Peake,
Bill Dickens, Mr Steele, Mr Gregory

Note: Mr Gregory was Station Master to 1929.
Mr Maloney was Station Master to 1950. Mr Steele Station Master in 1953.

Retirement of Albert Peake 1952
Retirement of Albert Peake 1952

Back row: Sid Edwards, Ron Nurrish, Tony Bull, Brian Denton

Middle row: Brian Martin, Shirley Palmer, Albert Peake, Pauline Tearle, Cyril Smith

Front: Norman Seabrook and Harry Langham

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