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Jaques & Clark - expansion & plans

Jaques & Clark began shoemaking in Victoria Road in 1888, but soon outgrew the space and built their first factory in 1890 in Fitzwilliam Street.
The factory stands well back from the road

The firm of Austin & Bond in Station Road had added a sanitary block to their factory in 1897, but just two years later it was taken over, by Jaques & Clark who added a large extension, on the parcel of land adjacent that had belonged to the Wesleyan chapel.

Right: Austin & Bond's factory at the corner of Station Road & Midland Road and the extent of the Chapel Ground - plan

Plans for the coal shed & engineer's stores in 1905 and first toilet in 1906

In 1905 a coal shed and engineer's stores were added, one WC was built in 1906 and another in 1908, with an engine house added in 1907. Jaques & Clark also took over Jaques & Son's factory in Station Road, and applied to add a new shed in 1909.
Plan for the shed
Above: Plans for the girls' toilet in 1910
Below: The old chapel was used as a garage later
On the 4th floor, a "girls' toilet" was added in 1910. In 1916 a new Tank House for an air pressure tank was built alongside the old “Tin Tabernacle” building.

The 1910 toilet can still be seen in the view opposite, taken from Station Road, behind the lamp standard, of the new factory and the old chapel still standing c1960.

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