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Ebenezer Claridge & Sons Ltd

The factory in 2009
Ebenezer Claridge began as a clicker, and established his own boot making company in 1876 in High Street, opposite "The Cottage".

In the 1890s his sons joined him and they built this large new factory on the one-floor principle, in Rectory Road.

The factory in 2009 - has changed little since it was built

1907 letter head
A letter head dated 1907

Wellingborough News, 22nd November 1879, transcribed by Kay Collins

EMPLOYEES' HOLIDAYOn Saturday evening last, the employees of Mr. E. Claridge had their annual tea in the Temperance Hall, at six o'clock. The tables were very nicely set with the necessaries for a capital tea, jams, marmalades, and various kinds of cake, presented a very tempting spectacle to about 60 young people, who assembled to enjoy this, their annual gathering. Tea being over, a very social entertainment was got up by the following persons, and the programme was well rendered.— Opening chorus, Company; recitation, "The sacriligious gamesters," Mr. West; song, "Belle Mahon's reply," Miss D. Wrighton; reading, "The bashful man," Mr. B. Vorley; chorus, "Eternal home," Company; recitation, "The charge of the Light Brigade"; Mr. F. Bailey; quartette, "All above," Misses D. Wrighton, M. Harris, and Messrs. B. Vorley and A. Eden; reading, "A parody on law," Mr. D. Boyd; recitation, "The bumkin's courtship," Mr. West; recitation, "The London cries," Master C. Claridge. A hearty vote of thanks was awarded to the Chairman, and a very pleasant evening was closed by singing the National Anthem.

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