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William  Claridge

c1888 Plan showing the shoe factory at the foot of
Skinners Hill before it was rebuilt in 1889
Extract from the Baker Brothers: Mr. Baker recalls the start made in boot manufacturing by the late Mr. William Claridge in premises at the back of Mr. W. H. Marriott’s house in High-street South.

Wellingborough News, 8th February 1879

Mr. Claridge and his Workpeople

On Saturday, the 1st inst., a supper was provided in the newly-built warehouse, of Mr. W. Claridge, shoe manufacturer, when the whole of the men boys, and females employed by him, both on and off the premises, comprising the rivetters, finishers, carpenters, masons, machine girls, fitters, and all who had assisted the firm in any way whatever, sat down to a good substantial supper....

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Window panel rescued doorway of the
house adjoining the factory

1914 showing 'Brookfield' (bottom left) and the garden at the foot of Skinners Hill.

Plan of the Factory extended and rebuilt in 1889 with the house attached

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