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Miss Rose Peck

Rushden Argus, March 29th1918, transcribed by Susan Manton

The Appointments - Miss Rose Peck

Perhaps the most interesting appointment of the evening was that of Miss Rose Peck as accompanist. The young lady is not yet 18 years of age, and to be elected to accompany the town’s choral Society is very great honour for one so young. Miss Peck has been organist at the Rushden Park Road Wesleyan Church for several years, and although she has not been brought into the limelight to any great extent before, she has been known, as a very promising player.

Mr. J. E. Smith’s appointment was not unexpected, for he is a thorough musician and a most able conductor, having devoted many years to the study of music. As organist and choirmaster at the Rushden Parish church, he has been responsible for the efficient presentation of much good music, and only recently enhanced his reputation by his perfect handling of the united choirs. Mr. Tomkins (deputy conductor) is a popular tenor soloist and has also some experience in conducting. Mrs. Denton (assistant accompanist) is a tasteful player of much experience.

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