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Rushden Echo, 8th January 1926, transcribed by Kay Collins
Mrs Lydia Smith
Old Resident’s Sudden Death

The death took place somewhat suddenly on Sunday morning, at 50 High-street South, of Mrs Lydia Smith, aged 85, widow of the late Mr Clark Smith, who passed away six years ago. Mrs Smith, a native of Knotting, had been one of the best pillow-lace makers in that locality. She was taught the art in a school when she was only just about four years of age. Recalling other times and other ways, Mrs Smith often spoke of seeing people in the stocks at Knotting Green. The deceased leaves five sons, three daughters, 25 grandchildren, and 19 great-grandchildren. The funeral took place on Wednesday, the family mourners being Mr W Smith, Mrs Gilbert, Mr Charles Smith, Mrs Holloway, Mr J Smith, Mrs Walder, Mr Clark Smith, and Mr A Smith (sons and daughters), Mr G Holloway, Mrs J Smith, Mr Walder, and Mrs Charles Smith (sons-in-law and daughters-in-law). Messrs Whittington and Tomlin were the undertakers.

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